The Government opens calls for aid for the development of 5G applications and for R&D in 6G

The government has paved the way calls for aid for the experimental development of 5G applications in economic sectorson the one hand, and on the other, for the promotion of research and development of 6G technology. Both calls have already been published in the BOE.

The first of these grants will be for the implementation of experimental development application projects for 5G applications and services that affect the digital transformation of economic sectors considered key for Spain. Its call is carried out within the framework of the Recovery Plan and the Program for the Universalization of Digital Infrastructures for Cohesion (UNICO).

The aid will be used for 5G tractor projects, through the generation of prototypes, demonstrations, development of pilots, testing and validation of products. All of them will have to have as their goal the application of 5G technology quickly and agilely in sectors such as health, tourism, security, connected vehicles or agriculture, among others.

This call is endowed, by 2022, with 90.7 million euros, and will be carried out on a competitive basis. It is aimed at both companies and research and knowledge dissemination organizations that have their main center of operations in Spain. In the bases that regulate the granting of aid, it is also established that those who benefit from it will have to create the necessary employment in Spain to be able to carry out the activity for which the aid is granted.

The projects that are financed will have a budget of 3 to 15 million euros, and may be developed through cooperation between companies or individually. The applications or services developed may be deployed in public, private or mixed networks; and even operate on a self-service basis.

Regarding the aid to promote R&D in 6G, which is included in the second open call today, it focuses, it is also applicable to the promotion of research and development in advanced 5G. It opens within the framework of the second phase of the UNICO I+D programme. Have a budget for 2022 and 2023 of 116 million eurosof which 86 million will be for 2023 and 30 for 2023. The aid granted with this call will be allocated to two programs: one to finance 6G research infrastructure and the purchase of scientific and technical equipment, and another for the development of R&D in 5G+ (advanced 5G) led by Spanish companies.

Universities and public research centers that are focused on R+D+i will be eligible for aid from the program to finance infrastructure and technical scientific equipment that allow research projects on 5G+ and 6G technologies to be carried out. They are endowed with 23 million euros. The projects presented will have to be individual and have a budget of between 300,000 and 2 million euros.

The aid of this call for Spanish companies that want to carry out R&D projects in 5G+, which will be endowed with 93 million euros, will focus on promoting public-private collaboration in areas such as optical technologies, photonics, machine learning, improvement of RAN systems, edge computing, privacy and security.

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