The Government will invest 79 million euros in precision agriculture

The BEC of Baracaldo (Vizcaya) recently hosted the international technology event on the innovations that transform the food industry. The inauguration of the second edition of Food 4 Future- Expo FoodTech was attended by the Minister of Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment of the Basque Government, Arantxa Tapia; the General Secretary of Agriculture and Food of the Government, Fernando Miranda; the mayor of Bilbao, Juan Mari Aburto; the regional deputy for economic promotion of the Vizcaya Provincial Council, Ainara Basurko; and the president of Food 4 Future Expo Foodtech, Jordi Gallés,

In the opening ceremony, the Secretary General of Agriculture and Food of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Fernando Miranda, highlighted that the recent approval of the agri-food PERTE as a lever for the transformation of the agri-food sector endowed with 1,800 million euros. Miranda announced that from the government “we will allocate €79 million to invest in precision agriculture and 4.0 technologies. We are going to launch a digitalization strategy for the agri-food sector, and we are going to launch the participatory loans granted through ENISA for startups in the agri-food sector”.

For her part, Arantxa Tapia stressed that “Food 4 Future is the opportunity in which professionals from all links in the value chain will be able to share knowledge and experiences to grow” and referred to two large projects launched by the Basque government to promote innovation and transformation of the agri-food sector. “From Euskadi we work on the Basque Green Deal, which brings together sustainability policies applied to agriculture; as well as in the transformation of the industry from gastronomy, with the Gastronomy Open Ecosistem, based on the BCC, which will develop startups and attract knowledge so that innovation moves from the smallest bar to the last of the Michelin Stars, and that it happens to work in a different way”.

Opportunity for the food industry

The mayor of Bilbao, Juan Mari Aburto, made it clear that “Food 4 Future is a great opportunity for the food industry, which accounts for 11% of the world’s GDP. In fact, this congress alone will generate an economic impact of more than 14 million euros for the city. For us, the celebration of Food 4 Future is an enormous satisfaction, we continue working on the international dimension of Bilbao”.

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The regional deputy for economic promotion of the Vizcaya Provincial Council, Ainara Basurko, pointed out that “We are facing a great opportunity to continue positioning Vizcaya and the Basque Country as a center of food innovation. Food 4 Future represents an opportunity that facilitates innovation, interaction and collaboration; it is an important forum to grow the community of foodtech startups and build relationships between them and large companies”.

Jordi Gallés, President of Food 4 Future 2022, underlined the importance of events like this one, which bring together the latest technological trends with food trends to define the path to follow for the industry and establish a joint framework for action for the next few years. “If before the pandemic Food 4 Future had a meaning, today it has even more”. Challenges such as the war in Ukraine, population growth or climate change require, in the words of Gallés “new minds to help us rethink the industry from a new perspective. This forum is key and will be key to achieving a healthier and more sustainable food system”.

The disruption of foodtech, present

With the second edition of Food 4 Future in Vizcaya, the international forum consolidates itself as the optimal place to find the best partner of the foodtech sector from among the more than 250 exhibiting firms that are presenting the latest applications in food technology, robotics and automation, data technology or processing techniques.

Sergio Fabregat, director of Food 4 Future highlighted that “During the three days of the congress we have presented more than 700 innovations to promote the foodtech industry. The objective was to create a space in which to generate contacts that help the industry to develop new business opportunities, and more efficient and responsible models with the consumer and the environment”.

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