The GPU price is a steal, is this what the RX 6600 will cost?

If we pay attention to what was leaked a few days ago about the AMD RX 6600, in theory on October 13 we will have, according to rumors, the official presentation of the next gaming GPU based on RDNA2 architecture. In theory we should wait for a video on AMD’s YouTube channel where they will tell us about its specifications, how it compares with the competition with its classic bar graphs, the many custom models that exist and a price that in the middle of the mining bubble nobody will comply.

The problem is that AMD could have swerved 180º and thus advance the launch of its RX 6600, to the point that we could have it in our hands in a few days. What is happening?

Has the price of AMD RX 6600 graphics cards been leaked?

RX 6600 price filtered Portuguese store

The Portuguese hardware store PCDIGA has already priced the Sapphire custom model of the AMD RX 6600, € 589.95. The surprising thing is to see an exaggeratedly high price for a Gaming GPU with a power that could be halfway between the RTX 3050 Ti and the RTX 3060 from NVIDIA.

In any case, the leaked price of this AMD RX 6600 should not surprise us, since the mining bubble has caused the manufacturer’s recommended cost of sale to take a back seat no longer being important, since now its price is determined by its mining capacity. And given that the technical specifications are already known, it is easy to guess how it performs in that regard and put a comparative price at the current market price.

RX 6600 Dutch Store Price Leaked

But the case of the Portugal store is not the only one, we also have references to a custom MSI model in a Dutch store. Specifically a graphics card MSI Radeon RX 6600 Mech 2X 8 GB whose price filtered by the same store is, taxes included, of 600.41 euros.

Since the RX 6600 XT version of it already exists and the GPU is the same but trimmed, we wouldn’t be surprised if it looked the same aesthetically. It is surprising that the store has not put any image of said model, which shows that either they have not taken the corresponding photos due to lack of time or they have not reached them. This fact may refer to the fact that stores are simply making room in their database for new models, positioning the card to gain authority before anyone else.

Images of the first custom model of the AMD RX 6600 are filtered

The argument that it is a “placeholder” loses weight when we see that there are already images of the model that the Portuguese store PCDIGA has put up for sale, which is the one that corresponds to Sapphire, an assembler very close to AMD. This gives us to understand that at least one of the custom versions of the RX 6600 would already be in the hands of several stores waiting for the day to go on sale.

As you can see. It is a model with two fans that makes use of an 8-pin PCIe connector. Its main GPU is Navi 23 in its Reduced version with only 28 Compute Units and has a 128 bit bus that connect it to 4 chips GDDR6 that in total add up 8 GB.

The rest of the custom models will have very similar general specifications, differing as always in things such as the type of cooling, the amount of VRM on the board, the video outputs, and so on.

In any case, a preview of a few weeks of the AMD RX 6600 and the fact that their prices have been filtered in the store should not surprise us, these models had to initially go on sale in August, along with the XT version. Why is AMD so late? There aren’t even rumors about this, but the chip and shipping logistics crisis may have a lot to do with it.

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