The great disappointment of the WWDC 2022

The WWDC has been one of the most outstanding Apple events in recent years thanks to all the news that the Cupertino company has presented for the different operating systems. However, despite the fact that many of the wishes of the users have come true, there is a function that everyone has greatly missed. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

The feature missing from iOS 16

It must be recognized that the presentation of iOS 16 has surprised the vast majority of users, both to those of us who were watching the keynote from home, and to those who have been lucky enough to attend Apple Park in person to witness this first Apple event after the pandemic “with the public”. The innovations that the Cupertino company has introduced in the operating system dedicated to the iPhone are many, and the vast majority are really good, but as always happens, nothing is perfect, and that is one of the most anticipated functions for iOS 16 It looks like it’s not going to end up coming.

We are obviously talking about the interactive widgets. Ever since Apple introduced these functional, productive and aesthetic elements on both the iPhone and iPad screens and developers implemented apps to create widgets, all users have been missing the possibility of being able to interact with them without having to enter inside the application. In addition, not only because of the need that all users have for this function, but also because of all the noise that had been generated around this was going to be one of the novelties of iOS 16. Unfortunately, this has not been the case, and the widgets have not really undergone any modification within this new Apple operating system. Although yes, the novelties, as we have commented, are many and very varied.

Where is the Always On screen?

Apart from the presence of interactive widgets, another of the star functions that were rumored for this new operating system is the opportunity for users to have iPhone screen “always on”, as is the case with the latest Apple Watch models. Well, it is true that Apple has not mentioned anything about it at this WWDC, but that does not mean that this functionality will not come.

locked screen

If we look at the great changes that the Cupertino company has introduced inside the locked screen of the iPhone, and taking into account that this function is already available in watchOS, it is very possible that we will see it very soon, since surely Apple’s plans are introduce in the new generation of iPhone 14 this functionality, being one of the star functions of the new devices. It must be taken into account that current iPhones are probably not fully prepared to support this function and continue to offer users autonomy similar to what they had, since, after all, the fact that the screen is always on it is something that will consume a lot of battery. Therefore, all those who wanted to see an Always On screen on the iPhone, it is time to wait for the month of September, where Apple will surely present it as one of the great novelties of the iPhone 14.

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