The great novelty of FIFA 22 can only be enjoyed on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S

FIFA 22 first official trailer

With the help of a large cast of professional players captained by Kylian Mbappé and among whom we can find David Alaba already dressed in white and others such as Heung-Min Son, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Phil Foden and Christian Pulisic, who this year they are the ambassadors of FIFA.

But we talk about Hypermotion. According to the company, thanks to the use of the Xsens suits, they have been able to capture every toqhe, clash, sprint and duel of a match between 22 players, achieving in total more than 4,000 new animations that will give life to the FIFA 22 models. This will result in a more intense, responsive and more physical game. It is important to mention that Hypermotion will only be available on PS5 and Xbox Series X and Series S, so the previous generation of consoles will be left without this new technology.

More AI to improve tactics


As in the previous generation, an artificial intelligence will be in charge of positioning the players correctly on the field, with the difference that this time it will use the potential of the new generation consoles to allow each player to better interpret their position on the field. field. This means that in attack the players will be able to multiply up to 6 times the number of decisions per second, highlighting the way in which they return to running after the ball when they lose the ball.

At the defense level, these improvements will also be reflected, being able to see a readjustment of the defense team in real time or an orderly movement to fill the gaps.

More real flow and movement


Another novelty that this movement capture will offer will affect the way in which the player moves with the ball, since it will determine the running cadence as he approaches the ball and moves with it, thus being able to control or hit it. more smoothly depending on your position.

For yet another year, motion capture has also focused on aerial play, and now they ensure that during the battle for the ball in the air, players will synchronize their movements to create greater realism when taking the ball.

There is life in the country

Another advantage of having the motion capture system in 11v11 matches is that animations have also been included that go beyond being close to the ball. Now we will see the movements of other players, such as defenders who reorganize the defense line or players who ask for the ball, making the game more real and immense than what we had seen so far.

When can it be played?

FIFA 22 Heroes

FIFA 22 is officially coming next October 1st to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One PC and Stadia, and all those players who pre-order the game now and before August 11, will receive a free and non-transferable FUT Heroes player to use in their FUT squad .

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