The great value of buying an iPhone and that many do not know

Buying an iPhone is a very personal choice that depends on many factors other than economics. How much you like the design, if the features it has meet what you are looking for and especially if the operating system is to your liking. Now, precisely in relation to the latter, there is an issue that many are unaware of and that, in our opinion, can be decisive when choosing an iPhone.

Up to 7 years of iOS updates

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will complete 7 years of iOS updates this year, a record that surpasses the iPhone 5s that came to update 6 years. And although it seems that iOS 16 will be left out, it is not ruled out that they continue to have support. And in light of the improvements in hardware that iPhones are increasingly having, it would not be unusual for models such as the current iPhone 12 and 13 to update for 10 years.

And why do we think this is such an important value? Well, first of all because every year a great update is received loaded with visual and functional innovations with which, to a greater or lesser extent, it is like receiving a new iPhone without having to change it. And although it is true that the maturity of Apple’s software prevents them from being as revolutionary as before, it never hurts to know that there will still be new features even years later.

Update software iPhone

It’s not all about these big updates though, as Apple releases at least 1 update every month that, although they seem tedious at times, in the end they are of vital importance to correct errors detected in the previous ones and, above all, to incorporate security patches. In this way, you can continue to have your iPhone free of malware, something that may not be valued as much on a day-to-day basis, but that ends up being a major burden when you are affected.

Other brands are already beginning to see it

The technical explanation of why iOS offers more years of support than Android would even be for a book, but to summarize the matter a bit we will tell you that it is basically because iOS is designed by and for the iPhone. Android, for its part, is designed by Google and for hundreds of manufacturers, with all the peculiarities that they may have and with their customization layers involved.

And while it is true that the google-pixel They can perhaps balance the iPhone a little in this regard, in the end they do not end up being so long-lived. However, many manufacturers are beginning to give this matter the importance it deserves. See the recent case of Samsung, that after presenting their brand new Galaxy S22 series this week, they announced that they will have 4 years of complete updates and 5 at the security level.

move from android to iphone

In any case, Apple continues to win a battle in terms of immediacy, since in Android they do not arrive simultaneously to all models. Sometimes it even takes months from the release of an Android version until it reaches all compatible models, depending even on the region. iOS updates, on the other hand, are released on a specific day and time and from then on can be downloaded globally on all supported iPhone models.

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