The GSMA partners with 21 carriers, AWS and Microsoft to create Open Gateway

The GSMAan association that represents the main mobile operators around the world, has announced the launch of the Open Gateway initiative. created in collaboration with 21 carriers, Microsoft and AWS, it is a framework focused on offering a set of universal and open source APIS to operator networks, with the aim that developers can access and use various mobile network services. These include location, identity verification, and network billing.

Until now, integrating and using all this was either very expensive, or very complicated, if not practically impossible. The launch of Open Gateway is precisely to make it easier for developers, and encourage more development using APIs in applications such as mixed reality experiences. GSMA Open Gateway will allow open and standardized APIs to be shared and federated, with the aim of offering interoperable access to networks.

Both AWS and Microsoft will be the cloud providers that will work with the operators to provide access to the APIs for developers. For now they are the first two to do so. As for the operators that are part of the Open Gateway initiative from the beginning, they are the following: America Movil, AT&T, Axiata, Bharti Airtel, China Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, e& Group, KDDI, KT, Liberty Global, MTN, Orange , Singtel, Swisscom, STC, Telefonica, Telenor, Telstra, TIM, Verizon and Vodafone.

They have all signed an agreement of understanding, and their plans include developing and working on these APIs through CAMARA, an open source project specifically developed jointly by the Linux Foundation and the GSMA. Its purpose is to help developers access enhanced network features.

For now there are no details on which services we might see deployed first under the initiative. Initially, Open Gateway will launch with API specifications for eight services: SIM Swap, Quality on Demand, Device Status, Number Verification, Edge Site Selection and Routing, Number Verification (SMS 2FA), Billing or Check -out to operator, and device location.

This year more APIs will be added to these first eight, and the name of some of the ones launched in this first wave may change. Throughout the MWC there will be various demonstrations of how they could be used.

He President of the GSMA, as well as of Telefónica, Jose María Álvarez-Palletehas pointed out during the inaugural session of the Mobile World Congress, that GSMA Open Gateway «unites telcos, industry, big tech and developers to create the digital future together«.

Álvarez-Pallete has also highlighted that this new digital age «it’s going to require a radical evolution and a platform that offers simplicity over the complexity of today’s business. GSMA Open Gateway is that platform. This project will create a new world of opportunities for the industry. It will be a catalyst for all those advanced services to develop their potential and reach a critical mass. And it will generate options and bring value to consumers. This is the ambition of the GSMA Open Gateway. Establish a common layer to expose the capabilities of the network. Transform the entire ecosystem for the benefit of all”.

On the other hand, the Chairman of Telefónica has stressed that «Telcos have come a long way in developing a global platform to connect everyone and everything. And now, through the federation of open network APIs and the application of the concept of roaming interoperability, mobile operators and cloud services will truly integrate to enable a new world of opportunities. Collaboration between telecommunications operators and ‘hyperscalers’ is crucial in this new digital ecosystem”.

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