The Gun Problem in Call of Duty: Vanguard

There are things that never change and wax each new version of Call of duty when it comes out (and before) is one of them. What if the gameplay, the bugs, the hackers flying … controversy is always served.

This year we travel back in time until WWII, as we did in 2017 in WWII, but we will do it in a different way. This time, we are part of the birth of the special forces on the various fronts battle. And the truth is that this has caused some debate online.

What about weapons in Call of Duty: Vanguard?

Apparently, although we have in our hands the legendary weapons of the time, such as the American BAR or the English STEN, some details do not add up. Why?

One of the attractions of Call of duty is that we can customize our weapons with add-ons and accessories, up to 10 we can put in each one and choose from 200 within Vanguard. There the main controversy arises, that some of those additions seem too advanced for the time, at least if you ask the players more interested in historical coherence.

Brainy debates on Reddit, Discord, or Twitter have been scrutinizing the game’s videos and betas all this time, pointing out things along these lines.

Silencers, recoil compensators, change of the barrel, types of ammunition or accessories (such as scoped scopes that seem too modern) will make us look like a commando in WWII, yes … but from the future.

Furthermore, some also think that certain weapons are too precise and light in terms of its standard features.

Not everyone considers it a problem

However, there are also those on the other side of the trench. For them, in an FPS game fun must prevail, not simulation.

Modifying the weapons and making them your own is one of the main attractions of the Call of duty. Similarly, it is obviously more fun to rain non-stop fire with an automatic weapon than to fight with a single-shot rifle. Thus, that the weapons in the game are not identical to the real ones would be an improvement and not the opposite.

In fact, purists and connoisseurs of history say that, really, it is not so bad either.

As far as possible, the visor technology that they have put into the game it is not so innovative and it already existed, for instance. In addition to that, many additions and modifications on offer were already possible then, although soldiers were not allowed to change the stock just like that, or paint the weapon in any way.

Anyway, we talk about the time when special forces were born, and these pioneers were given more freedom to equip themselves and act behind enemy lines.

And the zombies, what are we going to say about the zombies?

While some debate whether the retrograde of the Soviet PPSH-41 is realistic or not, others think that it is discussed on minutiae whether then you gon ’empty the magazine against legions of undead in zombie mode.

Either way, Call of Duy: Vanguard it has achieved every year, that it has been talked about long before its launch. Now that we can finally get those weapons in our hands, we will see who is right.

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