The gynecologist who offered sex as therapy fell

Italian authorities arrested a gynecologist in the city of Bari, which proposed have sex with your patients, as a therapy to cure the papilloma virus. This case was revealed through a television program that used hidden cameras for Record the actions of the doctor.

Therefore, as a precautionary measure, the Italian Prosecutor’s Office ordered the house arrest of the doctor Giovanni Miniello, who had retired a week ago because of the scandal. But out of fear that he might escape, they defined this preventive measure for him.

The research program “Le Iene” had issued the complaint of two women who claimed that this 68 year old doctor He had offered them sex, this “as therapy against papilloma.” All the events occurred in the private office where he worked in a clinic in Bari.

There are already 8 accusations against him

The doctor is being criminally investigated for the crime of sexual violence, perpetrated by his position as doctor and using the psychological vulnerability of up to eight women, as they believed they were ill with the aforementioned virus.

The examining magistrate, Angelo Salerno argues that Miniello, having been vaccinated against the virus, encouraged women to have sex with him, assuring that he could “spread” their immunity, as seen in the hidden cameras of the television program.

Upon being caught up in the controversy, Miniello had requested his discharge from the College of Physicians, Surgeons and Odontologists of the province of Bari, which, however, had opened a disciplinary proceeding against him upon learning the facts.


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