The harsh news for fans of The Squid Game and cryptocurrencies

The news about The Squid Game, the South Korean series that exploded in Netflix, continue to abound in social networks. A couple of hours ago we announced the news that there was a network game, with the same plot, but that it was not official and used cryptocurrencies to access a virtual dispute without actual deaths.

In this version of The Squid Game participants had to acquire cryptocurrencies Squid calls to access the different games and earn virtual coins as they progressed through the round, similar to what happened in the fiction of Netflix. However, some players began to suspect that it could be a scam since once they bought their pass to the games, they could not exchange the currency for dollars or other currencies. Something that from the beginning was strange.

The truth is that the value of the Squid grew considerably in the first weeks, attracting the attention of investors and fans of The Squid Game, but the impossibility of changing the tokens and the absence of an official voice to calm down the participants set off the alarms of locals and strangers. The whole farce was disarmed in the first hours of this week, when the official site disappeared, as did the social networks of the devised virtual trap.

Initially, cryptocurrencies they reached a value of US $ 2,856 each, but their value plummeted to 100%. It is estimated that more than 43 thousand people were scammed and that the creators of the farce of The Squid Game they fled with more than 2 million dollars without leaving, for the moment, any kind of clue that could serve the police authorities.

The scam broke out on social networks, where hundreds of investors decided to buy cryptocurrencies for days and could not sell them in any market. The official site had spelling errors and its media began to disappear, leaving only Telegram and Discord active, who were the last to disappear at dawn on November 2. And as the film professes Netflix: “Player eliminated” (or scammed?).

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