The head of HomeKit leaves the company

Engineer Sam Jadallah, Head of Home Services, which includes Homekit, announced this week that he is leaving Apple after working with the company for less than three years.

Jadallah has confirmed on LinkedIn (via MacRumors) that he no longer works for Apple. Jadallah joined Apple in February 2019 to lead the entire Apple HomeKit team. and at the moment it is unknown who will assume direction of HomeKit after his departure.

Before working at Apple, the Jadallah had worked for Microsoft and also founded Otto, a smart lock company. According to Jadallah in an article published this week:

This is it with Apple. I am so grateful for the friendships that will last and for the opportunity to shape and create new capabilities for individuals and households around the world. As an executive, investor and entrepreneur, it has been a pleasure being an entrepreneur within Apple and creating products at scale.

Since Jadallah joined Apple in 2019, the company has incorporated a large number of improvements to HomeKitwhich include iCloud security camera recording, improved accessory controls, adaptive lighting, automations, Siri API for third-party accessories, and home keys in the Wallet app.

A few days ago, a rumor broke out that Apple was interested in build your own device ecosystem compatible with HomeKit so you don’t depend on third parties.

Home automation is becoming increasingly important to Apple, which is why it shouldn’t be long before Apple finds a replacement to lead the HomeKit team.

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