The hedgehog heats up: first trailer for ‘Sonic: The Movie 2’

There are things that should not cross the borders for which they were created, a maxim that is usually demonstrated with many of the great adaptations of the video game that are made and in which, without a doubt, something like Sonic was included by default … And without embargo, Sonic: The Movie was one of those exceptions that confirm the rule and whose success has led to the sequel at hand.

In other words, let’s not fool ourselves: Sonic: The Movie It is what it is, a children’s entertainment created to please fans of the video game; but also a film that achieves something that is not always easy, but quite the opposite, such as successfully transferring a concept that in principle only makes sense with the controller in hand, to a very different format.

Be careful, because he had been talking about a movie Sonic for several years and it was not until 2019 that advances began to be seen, which among other things served to modify a character design that scared even the most fans … But the criticism paid off in the form of a recognizable Sonic.

Sonic: The Movie It premiered at the beginning of 2020 and although we already know everything that happened then, it gave the hedgehog created by Sega time to become a good record at the box office, also collecting good reviews – from viewers, not critics – wherever it happened , not because it is about what a cinephile would understand as a great movie, it should be repeated, but because of the above: adaptation was done accordingly

Sonic: The Movie 2

Worked so well Sonic: The MovieIn fact, just a couple of months after its premiere, it was confirmed that there would be a sequel that would feature the arrival of more popular characters from the franchise such as Tails or Knuckles, as well as the return of one of the indisputable casting success. from the first part, Doctor Robotnik played by the peculiar Jim Carrey.

And in those we are now, with the presentation of the first trailer of Sonic: The Movie 2, whose premiere is set for the next April 8, 2022, only in theaters. The incorporation of Idris Elba, who will give voice to Knuckles, has also given much to talk about, but that matters little in these parts, where the dubbing of the character will not be his responsibility.

We leave you with the trailer of Sonic: The Movie 2 And if by any chance you want to see the first one because it whets your appetite or because you have not seen it, although its premiere on VOD platforms in Spain was exclusively on Amazon Prime Video, today you can only find it on Netflix .

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