The hidden details you didn’t see in the Spider-Man: No way home trailer

New trailer for Spider-Man: No way home

It seemed that the moment would never come but we can finally say that the trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home it’s here. Almost three minutes of entertaining preview in which many things that we already expected are confirmed, such as the space-time alteration or the return of the odd villain. We still cannot guarantee 100% that the previous Spider-Man will appear in the film, but hope is still alive after enjoying this great trailer in which we do not forget that we also have the presence of Doctor Strange.

Of course, with the advancement of Marvel new questions and theories also arise as a result of some details sighted and it is just what we are going to share with you today.

Trailer Spider-man: No way home in VOSE

Spider-man: No way home trailer in Spanish

The hidden details of the trailer

Now that we have reviewed the video trailer, we have to look at various sequences and specific moments that most likely have been overlooked. Take note.

The graffiti on the wall

You already know how much Marvel likes to introduce hidden details and winks in its sequences that only a few are able to see – trusting that it will later be shared on forums and go viral, of course. We have a clear example in the inscription of Ditko that appears as soon as the trailer begins. It is clearly a tribute to Steve Ditko, the cartoonist who helped create Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, precisely the two superheroes that appear in this new Spider-Man movie.

Spider-Man trailer

Who are the villains in the movie?

So far it has been theorized that there will be four villains neither more nor less in this new installment of Super-Man. However, only one of them is explicitly seen in the trailer: the Doctor Octopus -which we will talk a little better about a few lines below- who appears in the video greeting Peter Parker. What about the other three? Well, according to many observant fans, they have also made an appearance, only in a much more subtle way.

Spider-Man trailer

This was indicated in a thread of reddit, in which they indicate with frames -image on these lines-, the moments in which it is intuited which other evil characters will make an appearance. Thus we have in the first place Lizard, Dr. Connors, who seems to appear at minute 2:20 to the surprise of Peter, who catches his back.

Only a few frames later we have another stellar appearance (much more blatant): it is a green “bomb” belonging to another great great villain of the Spider-Man universe as is Green Goblin -it is even possible to hear their laughter. And just before a succession of rays that makes us think of the fourth in discord: Electro.

Some even dare to point out that the Sandman or himself Mysterio, but there is no trace of them on the video.

Either way, Spider-man is going to be very entertaining (and we even more so).

This Dr. Octopus sounds familiar to us …

That Dr. Octopus has returned to the filmography of Spider-Man is something that has been made clear in the trailer. However, there is something that draws our attention: his appearance is practically the same as it was 15 years ago, in Spider-man 2 -second image below these lines.

Spider-Man trailerSpider-Man trailer

It seems that an attempt has been made to recreate the same aesthetic and it is even suspected that it could have digital retouching so that Alfred Molina, the actor in charge of bringing it to life, appears younger. This would make a lot of sense if we look at the disaster that Doctor Strange has caused with Peter’s request: the alteration of space-time will directly bring villains from the past to the present in an unprecedented symbiosis of plots.

Is that Daredevil?

It seems that our beloved Peter Parker will need professional help to get out of the trouble he has gotten himself into when accused of killing Mystery. To do this, he will turn to a lawyer whose face cannot be seen in the trailer -min. 0:25. Despite that, everyone seems to be clear about their identity: it would be about Matt murdock, or rather Daredevil, another Marvel superhero.

Spider-Man trailer

The best of all is that, according to the comment of a specialized journalist, we will even have the opportunity to see him dressed in his characteristic and unmistakable suit, something that he advanced on his Twitter account almost two months ago:

The nod to Homecoming

Well, this does not generate any theory ever, but it is another detail of those that seems incredible that someone can detect. In a scene where MJ talks to Peter on the phone, several drawings on your wall. The second one is a drawing that Spider-Man’s girlfriend made in her notebook in Homecoming. Another example of how attentive Marvel is always to their stories.

Spider-Man trailer

Have you seen any other details worth noting in the trailer? Let us know in the comments!

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