The HomePod already recognizes the voice of each user in Spain [Beta]

The latest beta version of iOS added the option of voice recognition in Spain. This means that the Apple speaker is able to differentiate between your voice and that of other users, offering the appropriate response for each person. This is based on requests to Siri and to enjoy the HomePod in a much more personalized way, these requests to the Apple assistant allow access to Messages, specific music or of your style, reminders or calendar events of each user based on voice recognition.

Apple warned that this voice recognition function would reach the HomePods by the end of this year to all countries outside the United States and other English-speaking places where it has been working for more than a year, it seems that it will fulfill the promise. In this case it is a test version of the function and it is that it is only available in beta version 15.2 released by Apple a few hours ago for both iOS devices and HomePod.

In this case, what it is about is to offer a much more personalized experience depending on the person who dictates the orders to Siri on the HomePod. This feature will officially arrive with the official version of iOS 15.2 for iPhone, iPad and HomePod. At the moment we do not have the exact date of its launch but possibly before the end of the year this and the rest of the functions that are added in this version of the operating system are already available.

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