The HomePod mini colors available at the end of November

Apple’s own website now indicates that the new colors, blue, orange and yellow of the HomePod mini will be available for purchase at the end of this month of November. This is exactly what they say on the Apple website right now.

We do not have an exact date of the day on which they will go on sale but at least we reduce the possibilities of dates a bit since before it was indicated in November and now they say for the end of the month. In this sense, we are sure that they will rush to the maximum to have enough stock in our country and many others, so those who want a blue, orange or yellow HomePod mini will have to wait a little longer.

Different on the outside, the same on the inside

This of the new colors always tends to like to combine in the rooms depending on the tastes of each one. It is always good to have colors to choose from and that is why the Cupertino firm decided to give a different touch to the HomePod mini with the arrival of these colors. Apple itself highlights it on the web:

Has been designed to look good anywhere in the house. Its exterior is covered by a seamless acoustic mesh, which causes a great impact to the eye but not to the ear.

What is clear is that many users already want to jump into the purchase of one of these new colored HomePod mini and that is whites and blacks are fine, but it is always better to have a variety of colors to choose.

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