The HomePod mini will be a new speaker with this update

After the hangover left by the last Apple presentation, where we got to know in detail the iPhone 13, the new iPad and the Apple Watch Series 7; now it’s the turn of Apple’s small smart speaker. The HomePod mini is not renewed, but it will receive an update with important improvements that it was sorely lacking. This is all what will change with version 15 of the HomePod mini software.

Same HomePod mini, but better

If there is no setback and the information obtained is correct, on September 20 Apple will launch a new software update for your HomePod and HomePod mini. Although it would be for the latter, being the model that can be purchased since the original was discontinued, where the most attractive novelties are.

The HomePod mini software version 15 it will come with improvements that were already needed. Because although it is a good speaker for everything related to listening to music, podcasts, etc., for other uses and for that smarter side thanks to its integration with Siri it still has room for improvement, a lot of room for improvement.

With this update some shortcomings are solved, so let’s review what you will find when you install the new version if you have a HomePod mini.

  • Now you can select one or two HomePod mini as default speakers for your Apple TV 4K. In this way, you will not have to select them once you start playing content but as you do it they will begin to sound. A great novelty for those who have a couple of them and want to enjoy better stereo sound when watching their favorite content
  • If you are with your iPhone near a HomePod mini you will see that the multimedia controls of this will appear on the lock screen if you are playing something on it
  • Option to vary the bass level
  • You can ask your HomePod mini to turn on your Apple TV and start playing the content you index and even control playback. This is the same as, for example, can be done with the Amazon voice assistant that also allows you to control the TV with Alexa and a Fire TV
  • Control of home automation more precise thanks to options such as performing actions in specific periods of time. For example, you can tell him to turn off the lights in 5 minutes
  • HomeKit accessories that support Siri voice control will be able to use the assistant remotely, so you can avoid having to get close to the HomePod mini
  • Support for notifications and other warnings related to security systems such as surveillance cameras or smart doorbells
  • Automatic Siri volume adjustment when answering depending on the room and the tone of voice with which you speak. Again, something similar to what Alexa offers and its whisper mode

As you can see, the new update for the HomePod mini is not going to change it overnight and will make the super smart device that many would like, but it moves in the right direction and at a time where you need it by seeing how its rivals move. more direct.

How to update the HomePod mini

When the new update for the HomePod mini is released, if you have one and want to update it, the process is quite simple. As we have commented on the occasional occasion, basically the process is as follows:

  1. Have your device with iOS, iPadOS or macOS updated to the latest version of the operating system
  2. Open the Home application and tap on the icon that allows you to access the Home Settings
  3. Now tap on software update and check that automatic updates are activated
  4. If it is not, you may see a notification of a new software update available, click on install
  5. Ready

The process is simple, so the only thing you have to do now is wait for Apple to launch it definitively and for all users.

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