The House of the Dragon has been recorded in these places of Spain

Where was The House of the Dragon filmed

The House of the Dragon is the HBO series that every fan of George RR Martin’s work is now waiting for. And it is that, in the absence of finishing his books, what better than to see an audiovisual adaptation of the world he has created, although that implies having to assume the risk that the producers take certain licenses regarding the texts and the ending may or may not dislike. You know what we mean.

Well, putting all that aside, what will interest you is to know where the series was filmed and continues to roll. So that’s what we are going to tell you. At least for this first season, because we’ll see what happens in the future.

The filming of the first season, which began at the end of April 2021 and it was at Warner Bros Leavesden Studios where most of the scenes were recorded and continue to be recorded. In these studios located in the town of Watford, in England, is where all the interior scenes will take place.

However, for the outdoor scenes, the producers of the series have been using other locations located in England, Spain and Portugal. So let’s see where exactly La Casa del Dragón was recorded in each of these countries and, especially, those of Spain.

The House of the Dragon and the recording locations in England

On Cornwall part of the first season of The House of the Dragon, a place where the Castle of Mount St. Michael. It is believed to be used to represent House Valeryon.

Another place in that area used for the recordings was Holywell beach and Kynance Cove. Both beaches will be seen in the series wrapped in key scenes and the occasional battle.

Besides Cornwall it was also recorded in Derbyshire, located in the north of England. There is an important mountain range there and it seems that it was precisely in Peak Distric where it was learned that they recorded several scenes.

Finally, was also recorded in Surrey, southwest of London and where a large tournament stage was built outside of Aldershot.

The House of the Dragon and recordings in Spain

In the same way that it happened during season 7 of Game of Thrones, The House of the Dragon is also using Cáceres -They are still filming- to recreate scenes that take place between the streets of King’s Landing and the Old Town.

Along with Cáceres capital was also Trujillo. This town a few kilometers from Cáceres has an old Moorish castle that was already used for the scene in which Jaime Lannister and Bronn watch Daenerys Targaryen’s army arrive.

Portugal will also be Westeros

Last but not least, Portugal will also give life to Poniente and in the Castelo Branco district is the Castle of Monsant, a building on top of a mountain that has also been used for the new HBO series Max.

An important tourist claim

Attract the production team of a series like The House of the Dragon represents an important boost for the area where the recordings of the series. It has already been shown how thousands of users travel in order to take a photo in real settings that were later used to place King’s Landing, Dragonstone and many other places in Westeros that we have enjoyed during the viewing of the star series of game of Thrones.

So these locations you can go already rubbing your hands: if the series manages to generate the same interest as Game of Thrones, they will have guaranteed tourism and a good number of fans who will visit the area.

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