The House of the Dragon: what differences will it have with Game of Thrones?

Fire and Blood, the novel that gives life to The House of the Dragon

After the success of Game of Thrones coming to HBO Max The house of the dragon, the prequel also based on the work of George RR Martin. It will tell the story of the Targaryens, one of the most important families of the seven kingdoms and that was almost on the verge of disappearing in that key event for them that became known as the Dance of the Dragons.

This event occurred two centuries before what could be seen in the series of Game of Thrones and if you have read the novels that Martin has already published, you will know that all this is told in Fire and blood.

Teaser for The House of the Dragon

Teaser for The House of the Dragon (VOSE)

Of course, all this and the very advance published by HBO Max, where the series will premiere, is something that you probably already knew. What may continue to generate doubts is to what extent both productions are going to resemble each other or not and whether, despite the ending seen in the first series, the prequel will be able to exceed the success it achieved.

Similarities and differences with Games of Thrones

If you watch the trailers for The house of the dragon you will have the feeling of watching the advance of a new season of Game of Thrones. This is completely logical, because in the end both series are linked. There is a difference of 200 years between some facts and others, but it is not a long time for there to be notable changes in aspects such as the way of living and dressing.

Anyway, you will have to be patient, because if it is the best time of the House TargaryenWe may see some more striking scenarios or moments to show the greatness that they lived during those years. So at the art direction level the new series will be very aligned with the original.

In terms of narrative, we may also see similarities, because everything will revolve around power, throne that many pursue and that implies betrayals and associations in order to achieve it.

Therefore, all this will generate that feeling of familiarity when you start watching the series. Although you don’t have to worry. Because if you are a fan of George RR Martin’s work, you will surely want to see it very much. And because he himself has said that he is looking forward to seeing her. Why?

Game of Thrones

In some more or less recent interviews, Martin has commented that he is very excited about the series that as a co-creator he is helping to carry out. And since she drinks directly from one of her books, she already knows that there will be something that will differentiate her and make her frankly attractive: dragons.

These will make both series really different. If in Game of Thrones there were three dragons, in this new series there will be 17 dragons and these are going to play a fundamental role in the story. Because as told in the novel,

Yes, the dragons will be important characters and the real reason that both productions will not be alike, that they hook many and give reasons to want to see each new episode that is broadcast.

Now when will the dragons be seen? Well that is a question for which we have no answer for now. In the trailer you can see the statue of your head, but maybe during the first season what you do is strengthen the story and introduce them in progressives. It may also not be because of the story but because of the work involved in creating such a creature using CGI graphics.

Anyway, just knowing that there will be 17 dragons in the house of the dragon we are already like Martin: looking forward to seeing the series. In addition, he himself pointed out that in the books each one has his own personality and he hopes that in the series they are so visible that it is easy to recognize them individually.

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