The Huawei watch with integrated headphones (yes, they come inside) is already on sale in Spain

Man with Huawei Watch Buds on his wrist open

We already told you about this special smartwatch a long time ago although, honestly, seeing its particularity, we doubted that it could be sold in Spain at the time. It seems, however, that the Huawei They have jumped into the pool and have launched by presenting their Watch Buds in our market, a Smart watch to which you can lift the sphere and take from its interior some headphones. As you are reading.

Huawei Watch Buds, grace is inside

Huawei has a good and reputable catalog of smart watches so, at first, it doesn’t seem like it had a need to curl the loop with something like that. However, innovation rules – even more so in the technology sector – and to show that it is not far behind in this regard, the Asian firm presented its watch buds. This watch looks, a priori, like any other smartwatch in the house, however, you have the possibility to lift its face, thus discovering that the (stainless steel) case of the watch serves as a case for small True Wireless headphones.

The final thickness of the wearable, which you are surely wondering, is planted from the 14.99 millimeters, which does not differ much from the Watch 3, for example, with 12.15 mm thickness. If we compare it with some other thick model of the competition, it is inevitable to think of the Apple Watch Ultra, whose tab measures 14.4 millimeters. It is therefore not a slim piece of equipment, but of course, it is not every day that you wear headphones hidden on your wrist.

Huawei Watch Buds Closed

As for the headphones themselves, they are quite small and share exactly the same octagonal design, so that they are not differentiated to be used in the left or right ear. For this, they come with the call Adaptive Identification technology, which automatically corrects the left and right audio channels, detecting which ear they are in and thus adjusting the sound output. They support touch control and sound quality level, they boast being equipped with a “quad magnetic full-range planar diaphragm” – what a hoot – which ultimately ensures powerful, full-frequency, high-res audio. .

The headphones of the Huawei Watch Buds

The clock, for its part, offers the usual features: screen AMOLED 1.43-inch, activity control, heart rate, sleep monitoring and automatic detection of blood oxygen saturation. It does not forget that it offers 80 sports modes, for a better record of the practice you do, and promises a range of up to 3 days on a full charge and up to 7 days in energy saving mode.

The Huawei Watch Buds open

Now available in Spain

In case you have just fallen in love, the crush will not be cheap and it is not exactly a cheap smartwatch. The Huawei Watch Buds has already confirmed its arrival in Spain with a price included, officially pointing out that the equipment will hang a label of 499 euros -a considerable cost for a smart watch.

If, despite this, you think that this is the solution you were looking for to never have to carry headphones in your pocket again, know that you can purchase it from March 1st at regular dealers.

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