The ideal setup for photographers and videographers with IKEA products

A setup designed to work

Each user has their own hobbies and needs when working. Working with spreadsheets and other office applications is not the same as working with more creative applications. Hence the differences that usually exist when decorating or creating a certain workspace.

In the particular case of who work with photos and videos work spaces are usually sought where lighting is fairly controlled. That means being able to work comfortably in artificial light to avoid possible image bouncing and tinting. Hence, gray and black tones are common in these spaces.

Surely if you have seen, for example, a colored room or montage (even in home studios) the walls were dark gray and the tables were also dark colors like black. Failing that, there are those who look for dark wood tones so as not to lose that organic point that it brings.

Creating these types of workspaces is easy today. And if you add the odd accessory you will also be very comfortable when you have to do other tasks or manage the equipment. So here are some ideas so you can create a comfortable and efficient setup with products that you can find at Ikea.

A wide and robust table

Both photographers and videographers often need to have access to their equipment and material on a recurring basis, hence having a large workspace helps a lot to be comfortable at all times. Tables that usually have 140 cm wide and about 70 cm deep They normally provide that space necessary to be able to place cameras, card readers, hard drives, speakers, etc., without being overwhelmed.

Of course, there is no use for much space if the table is constantly wobbling. First, because it is uncomfortable to work with a screen that shakes, and second, because surely there is a lot of money on the table that it ends up falling and spoiling part of said equipment. So have a robust structure it is also important.

  • UTESPELARE: This new gaming-oriented table is not only perfect for gamers, but also for creative people looking for a comfortable workplace. Because it can be adjusted in height, it has an area for cable management and is spacious. It is also black, so it will not cause annoying reflections on screens if we have any light on the desk or similar

  • RODULF: This desk to work standing or sitting is also ideal for this capacity and because it can be configured with a gray tabletop that is also very pleasant to use on a day-to-day basis, rather than a white one

  • UPPSPEL: This other table is also new and improves in some respects to the also current series of Bekant standing / sitting desks. Of course, the most striking thing is the new panel with different buttons to memorize different heights

Order and functionality

Pegboards SKADIS have become one of Ikea’s most versatile and best-selling products. Together with the rest of the accessories such as hooks and containers, you can create a place where you can organize a good part of your work material.

For example, there are many users who build charging areas for all their devices, from camera batteries to phones, tablets, etc. And all this without also forgetting that they can organize cables, hard drives, memory cards and even super clamps, tripods, etc. It is up to each one to see how to take advantage of it.

Of course, if you want it in black, it is easier to paint it on your own. Although there is already a proposal with a Gaming touch that forgets the white or brown color.

Raise the height of your monitor

Here we are a great fan of monitor arms, because we believe that they provide many advantages over the classic bases that most incorporate. Plus, they help keep your workspace clean and organized.

Still, if you need to raise the screen a bit so that it is at eye level, this ELLOVEN from Ikea fulfills its function very well, it gives you a small drawer where you could store 2.5 ″ SSD or HDD storage units as well as memory cards and the odd cable that is commonly used.

As with the SKADIS panels, if you have a little knack for not staining a lot, you can paint it with black spray paint to match the rest of the elements.

Improves acoustics

If you edit video or just want to improve the sound space, Ikea has panels called ODDLAUG that help to do this and can be placed both on the wall and hung as curtains. They are a quite striking option that meet their objective. It is true that the ideal is a well-treated space, with sound traps, etc., but to maintain a bit of aesthetics and not go to more expensive solutions it is valid.

These panels can also be complemented with curtains, which are the most common solution, and rugs that also help absorb sound rebound and eliminate a certain level of echo and reverberation.

Custom lighting

Lighting in a workspace for creative tasks such as photography or video is also very important. The advantage of using smart lights is that they can be customized according to the needs of each one and always used the same. You can even have different scenes depending on what things you are going to do. Because setting up a project is not the same as editing the color of a photo or video.

Lights TRADFRI from Ikea are a solution varied enough to achieve the scheme that best suits you. Because you have from classic E27 bulbs to panels, etc. They are a good option to have that ideal work environment.

Of course, here we cannot forget the lamp speaker either, which already offers a somewhat more customizable second generation. These can be fitted with a smart bulb and not only do you have an ideal light to improve the environment, but also quality sound to liven up working hours.

Other extras to improve your setup for photo and video

As with other setups, at IKEA you can find accessories for cable management and even wireless charging bases that although they are not the fastest, they fulfill their function of loading for convenience.

So you just have to think about what you would need to improve your daily work and see the existing solutions or which you could adapt. Because something interesting about many products is how some users have given them uses for which they were not initially thought or designed. For instance:

  • TURBO: a clothes rack that many use together with super clamps to place the camera and achieve zenith shots while drawing, unboxing, etc.
  • FLOAT: LED panel that not only serves to illuminate the room in a controlled way, but also for product photography by being able to create a light box with several of them. They could also serve as a softbox if you want to record yourself with a somewhat softer light, although in that case a lamp like the HEKTAR
  • Flexo TERTIAL In the same way as the previous lamp, with an onion skin to soften the light and with a TRADFRI bulb you can achieve an interesting lighting both for you and for the background in your Twitch live shows or other video content that you do

In short, IKEA offers a multitude of options if you want to set up a very interesting workspace related to photography and video. Of course, do not forget to choose a good chair, it is also important to be seated comfortably for so many hours.

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