The III Week of the Self-Employed begins in the east-west area of ​​the Community of Madrid

Today starts the III Week of the Self-Employed in the Community of Madrid, organized by ATA and CEAJE. The town of Soto del Real will be the starting point of the initiative, “Community of Madrid, + Entrepreneurship” for the development of entrepreneurship projects and micro-enterprises, charged to the European Funds from the Mechanism for Recovery and Resilience (MRR). .

This is face-to-face advice for all the self-employed and small entrepreneurs in matters such as digitization, green economy, creation of new companies and generational change.

The first week of the autonomous was held from October 24 to 28 by towns in the west of the Community of Madrid and the second from March 27 to 31, by municipalities in the East-North area of ​​the community, municipalities that in their most do not exceed 30,000 inhabitants.

On this occasion, the municipalities to be visited will be from the East-West area. Thanks to the collaboration of the town halls, specialized technicians from ATA and CEAJE will carry out advisory, information, awareness and dissemination actions in matters of entrepreneurship and business development, emphasizing digitization and the green economy. These performances will be totally free and personalized

Initiatives like this that ATA and Ceaje are carrying out are necessary at this time. There are many freelancers who have sought advice from us, trying to give a boost to their business, seeing ways to undertake, finding out about all the aid or solving all the doubts they may have”, says Elena Melgar, project director. This is the scheduled schedule for these days:

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Community of Madrid, + Entrepreneurship

Community of Madrid, + Entrepreneurship is a project promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Employment of the Community of Madrid and developed by the organizations ATA and CEAJE. It consists of carrying out advisory, information, training, awareness and dissemination actions in the field of entrepreneurship and business development, thus addressing the demographic challenge and facilitating the productive transformation towards a green and digital economy, as indicated by the objectives of the Funds. Europeans.

All the advice and actions They will be totally free for the participants, since this project is financed by the European Funds.

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