The iMac M1 with more than 200 euros discount and more offers

If you are thinking of getting an iMac, the 24-inch model launched this year with an M1 processor is the best option and more considering its relationship price quality. And it is that now you can find more than interesting discounts in its price that we tell you below.

Where can you find these discounts?

The discounted iMac we are referring to is available through Amazon And since it is Apple itself that sells it through this store, you can be sure that they are totally new and original computers. All this with full security in the payment with Amazon systems, a return period of at least 30 days and even the possibility of purchasing AppleCare + during the purchase process.

To this is added that the computer will be covered by a 2 years warranty. The coverage in question is provided by Apple during the first of these years and by Amazon during the second. Therefore, in light of this and that it is discounted, it is an option to take into account with respect to the official price of these computers in Apple stores.

These are the current discounts

The brand new iMac M1 currently has different sales that, yes, can change at any time. Hence, we recommend that you hurry if you want to get one, since the stock could also be exhausted. At the time of publishing this news, the discounts available are the following:

  • M1 chip (8-core CPU, 7-core GPU), 8GB RAM, 256GB ROM:
    • Silver or green color: 120 euros discount
    • Pink colour: 90 euros discount
  • M1 chip (8-core CPU, 8-core GPU), 8GB RAM, 256GB ROM:
    • Color blue: 220 euros discount
    • Pink colour: 159 euros discount
    • Silver colour: 47 euros discount
  • M1 chip (8-core CPU, 8-core GPU), 8GB RAM, 512GB ROM:
    • Color blue: 200 euros discount
    • Silver colour: 170 euros discount
    • Pink colour: 100 euros discount

imac m1 review

You can check all prices of which you have in the following link:

Other Mac M1s that have deals now

In addition to the iMac, it must be said that there are other computers with this M1 that are on sale. See for example the Mac mini with up to 85 euros discount in its 512 GB version, being the cheapest Apple computer, although with the need to buy separate peripherals.

For his part, MacBook Air It is still Apple’s best value for money laptop. And now you can also find discounts of up to 200 euros, which makes it an even more palatable computer.

If we go to MacBook Pro M1 launched last year, we also see that it can be purchased for less money than in an Apple Store. Has some versions reduced by up to 270 euros, so your discount is not trivial.

Even the new MacBook Pro M1 Pro It already has some discounts despite having only been on the market for a few weeks. Specifically, it is the 14-inch model with 16 GB of RAM that incorporates a discount of 70 euros.

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