The iMac with M1 could arrive together with the iPad mini

iMac 24 inch

Too many rumors about the arrival of new teams in the last few days and in the end some will end up arriving on the fast track. The case of iMac with the new M1 processor and a larger screen It is also on the table and Mark Gurman is the next to talk about them.

We have been a weeks in which we can say that the Macs are protagonists of the rumors and is that Much is being said about the 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros and the rest of Apple equipment. Now Gurman explains in Bloomberg that Apple is working hard for its launch.

The new iMacs were supposed to arrive this year

For the arrival of these new teams there is no exact date as for the rest of the models that are being rumored this week, what we do know is that before the end of the year we will have new devices in the Apple catalog with M1 processors.

In principle many of us can expect a new more powerful processor for larger iMac but this is not exactly what Gurman is talking about, rather the opposite … So it seems more than evident that we are going to have new iMac by the end of the year but with changes especially on the outside, adapting to the design of the new 24-inch iMac released a few weeks ago. We will see how this redesign feels bad for iMac and the size and if Abel adds an option to configure the RAM by the user (with the back cover) as he did in the current models with a larger screen size.

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