The “Implementation of Blockchain technology in Iberian pieces”, wins the Entrepreneurship award

During the VI edition of the ANICE Awards, the National Association of Meat Industries of Spain has awarded Navidul the Entrepreneurship Award for its project “Implementation of Blockchain technology in Iberian pieces”, a pioneering initiative in the sector that involves a revolution in terms of transparency and quality controland responds to the needs of those who, concerned about their diet, seek a deeper understanding of the products they consume, from their origin to their final destination.

Navidul began last year the distribution of the first Iberian shoulders that incorporate blockchain technology, successfully concluding a process that allows its products to be monitored during their life cycle -origin, manufacturing, storage, distribution and consumption-, through the data recorded in an immutable way by all the suppliers that participate in their manufacture.

The ANICE Entrepreneurship Award is granted to the institution or personality of the meat sector that has turned an idea into a successful innovation, from the development of a need detected in the market or in the sector. In this sense, blockchain technology has allowed Navidul open two-way traceability – on the one hand, towards suppliers and, on the other, towards clients and consumers – through QR code labels that allow viewing a series of data such as the pig’s feeding, place of curing, final weight of the piece or date of preferential consumption.

For Navidul it is an honor to receive this award that recognizes the joint work of eleven departments for the development of a pioneering project in the Iberian sector that has managed to integrate the latest technologies in traceability at the service of our customers and consumers.”, affirms the director of the Navidul Business Unit, Juana Manso, who received the award.

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