The importance of digital identity to reach your ideal client: new chapter of the course!

Today we launch a new chapter of the free course “Course to digitize SME and self-employed businesses”, starring the consultant Jesus Garcia Fernandez in collaboration with sage. On this occasion, Jesús will explain to us the importance of digital identity to reach the ideal client.

In this chapter we will learn what does this concept mean and why is it important to increase our turnover, reaching more customers and expanding the target audience. We will also know the weight of the website in this strategy and some recommendations on who should register the services and domains.

The role of technology in the goal of billing and reaching more customers is vital. In fact, without it, the information published on the Internet about our business would be unfathomable. This is precisely what is digital identity, whose configuration is nourished by all the data on the network related to a company, brand or individual person. And said data is also images, news, social networks, comments, etc.

It follows from this that digital identity it is a competitive advantage, but it can also carry risks. Negative information, with or without reason, can lead to a burden on the company that is difficult to get rid of. Small entrepreneurs can hire the management service externally but they can also take care of it themselves. In this course you will see the key points and the objectives to focus on to have an impeccable fame in the online world.

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