The improvement of the iPhone that will avoid you disappointment if it is stolen

Apple has recently won a series of patents around the Face ID system that, while it is true that they will not prevent theft, they will leave you much more confident that someone can access the data on your iPhone. These patents, which are also added to others known in the past and that would continue to improve what, to date, continues to be the best facial unlocking on the market.

The expected improvements for Face ID

Of all the forms of iPhone unlocking that Apple has implemented, it seems that Face ID is the one that will mark the future, despite the always existing rumors of seeing the Touch ID return. The company continues to show signs of the development of this system despite the fact that it has remained the same since it was launched, beyond small improvements in terms of speed implemented in previous generations.

The latest patent won by the company in reference to Face ID broadly describes a number of systems that would be used with the firm aim of avoid impersonation. All this through improvements in the biometric recognition system, providing, among other things, a system of infrared lights that capture more signals (you can read the full patent by clicking here).

And it is not that it is currently a poor system in this sense, since it is really complex to deceive Face ID and, unless you configure a new face on the iPhone, it will be difficult for another person to access it. However, there are still problems between people who share a good part of their traits, such as twin brothers / sisters.

This series of improvements proposed by Apple now joins numerous other patents published years ago in which there is even talk of a system capable of recognizing veins, thus going beyond the superficial features of the faces. Although in that case a higher development complexity is required. Be that as it may, it seems clear that later that we will soon see the iPhone recognition system improved. Of course, while we continue to wait for other functionalities that a priori seem easier to implement, such as horizontal unlocking or capturing a greater angle with the iPhone on surfaces such as a table.

Patent Face ID veins

Will it also reach the iPad and Mac?

Only the iPad Pro have “stolen” this iPhone unlocking system. In your case, also with functions such as horizontal recognition. And according to what has been seen with the notch of the new MacBook Pro of 2021, it seems that the company also plans that its computers have this type of biometric sensors in future generations.

Therefore, we understand that in the end the improvements that are installed in the iPhone end up also reaching the rest of the devices with Face ID. Meanwhile, we are still waiting for other ranges of tablets to incorporate it, since the iPad mini and iPad Air, despite having a similar design to the ‘Pro’, still do not have this technology (they have Touch ID on the lock button ). It is probably due to a cost issue, so who knows if in the end the improvements will also increase the prices of the iPhone.

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