The inexplicable reason why Excel formulas fail you

There is no doubt that one of the secrets of the success of this application in particular is all the functions that it presents us by default. At first our work will focus on entering all the numerical data we need to create that spreadsheet. Next, we will be able to benefit from all the functions and formulas that the program proposes us to carry out all kinds of operations. It is worth mentioning that here we have the possibility of carrying out basic calculations, or opting for advanced formulas that will allow us to carry out complex mathematical operations.

In the event that we want to take a look at all the elements of this type that we have available in this program for its development, we place ourselves in the Formulas option. Here we are going to find different drop-down lists that correspond to the categories available in the program. However, especially in the case that we need to use complex formulas, sometimes we can have problems with your format. All this despite the fact that the Excel program itself helps us with demonstrative examples that will help us.

Another of the usual solutions that we usually use in this regard is looking for certain formulas already designed In Internet. However, there are times when we do not find what we are looking for, not even for those. What we mean by this is that some of the formulas that we copy to Excel from the internet fail.

Fix Excel errors if you copy a formula

This is something that, both at the user and company level, is usually carried out quite regularly. Especially if we are forced to work with complex formulas in the Microsoft spreadsheet program. But if these do not work, we can find ourselves in an uncomfortable and sometimes desperate situation. With everything and with it, it is preferable to remain calm, since this has an explanation, or several.

The first thing we must take into consideration at this point is that it may be the case that the website that offers us that formula, the added in the wrong format. Obviously this means that, when copying and pasting it into Excel, the error will still be present. In this case, it is best to try find another source or consult the help of the application.

But that’s not all, since on certain occasions the error is caused by a simple change in the structure. We must bear in mind that if the formula has been added with a version of Excel configured in USA, for the separators the comma (,) is used. However, the usual thing is that we have configured the program for our region, in this case Spain. The problem therefore is given because here we use the semicolon (;) as a separator. This means that to solve the error in this case, it is enough that we substitute one element for another in the formula.

Another reason why this error can occur is that the formulas published on the internet have been designed in very old versions of Excel. Therefore, when trying to use them in the most current version that we have on the computer, their format can give us an error, even if it is due to small details in the structure.

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