The iOS 15.1 beta arrives with much-anticipated news

Betas recover some unreleased news

As you may already know, Apple kept its new software versions in beta all summer. In that period we could see how some of the initial news announced even at WWDC disappeared. It is the case of the SharePlay function that allows screen sharing in FaceTime on the iPhone or iPad in order to be able to play content simultaneously (series, movies and even songs). Well, in the new betas this functionality has returned.

The vaccination cards in Wallet, in such a way that we can have access to them in the same way as an Apple Pay payment card. A very useful feature to be able to quickly show the also known as “COVID passport” if you need to enter a place or region in which it is required to have the complete vaccination schedule.

We can also see another planned novelty, but that had not yet arrived, as is the case of the lossless audio playback on HomePods (both the big and the ‘mini’). In these new betas, Apple Music content can already be played in its highest quality through the speakers, something that at the beginning of these capabilities was not anticipated in the HomePods, although later Apple did announce that it would end up arriving.

When will these versions officially arrive?

Something to keep in mind is that the news previously discussed may not finally arrive in the final version. We refer to the tests, and it is that SharePlay was planned for the first versions and yet it ended up being delayed, although we believe that this time it seems that it is more polished and could end up arriving. In the same way, we think there could be some other news in future betas.

And in relation to the dates, we must say that it is an absolute mystery. A priori they should not arrive until the month of October if we take into account the usual Apple deadlines with betas. In any case, it is not ruled out that there could be a previous version such as iOS 15.0.1 in case a bug or security flaw needs to be corrected. Be that as it may, we will continue to report on it.

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