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When buying an iPad, users are lucky to be able to choose from a wide catalog of options that Apple provides in its Apple Store. Now, there is a model that from our point of view is the most balanced you can find in terms of features and price, it is the iPad Air, and on top of that it now has a great discount on Amazon. Keep reading that we tell you everything in this post.

discount available

The word that can best define the iPad is versatility, and without a doubt the iPad Air does a thousand wonders with it. In fact, as we have commented, this is the model with the best quality/price ratio of the entire range, since the features it offers are very similar to those of the iPad Pro, with obviously poorer points, but with a price that is far from a thousand euros and that, of course, makes it much more accessible for users who do not want to invest so much money in a device of this type.

iPad Air + Apple Pencil

This iPad Air has the M1 processor, which allows users to have all the freedom in the world in terms of power, in addition, its screen is perfectly balanced, and although it is not that of the iPad Pro, which obviously surpasses it with you grow, it is more than enough for the large part of the public that wants both to work and to have fun with this device. Its price on Apple is 769 euros, however, on Amazon you can buy it for 706 euros for the 64 GB model and for 885 euros for the 256 GB model.

Ideal accessories for iPad Air

As we have previously commented, the iPad Air stands out for its great versatility, which added to the power of the M1 chip means that users can carry out practically any action with it. Now, for this, the iPad needs the help of the right accessories, so we wanted to make a compilation of 3 gadgets that will allow you to take your iPad Air to the next level.

  • Apple Magic Keyboard. The Cupertino company is fully aware of the potential of its products, which is why it also provides them with the appropriate accessories to reach that level, and the Magic Keyboard is undoubtedly a good example of this. It is a keyboard that will allow users to use the iPad “as a computer”, obviously being possible because of the type of keyboard it is and, mainly because of the trackpad it presents, providing all the traditional gestures.

iPad Air + magic

  • 2nd generation Apple Pencil. One of the strong points and, above all, differentials of the iPad is the touch screen, and to take advantage of all its advantages, the Apple Pencil is a key element. In addition, this iPad Air is compatible with the second generation, which improves the experience provided by the 1st generation.
  • elago magnetic mount. The iPad by itself is a fantastic piece of equipment, however, one of the advantages offered by having an Apple ecosystem is the synergies that are generated between its different devices, and that with the iPad and the Mac is more than proven. For this reason, having a support like this one from elago that allows you to put the iPad next to the Mac, either horizontally or vertically, is wonderful, so you can work with the SideCar and Universal Control functions without problem.

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