The iPhone 12 continue to fall in price. Look how they look

The iPhone 12 They are still more than suitable devices for the vast majority of users. In fact this morning we published on this page a post about its performance with iOS 15. And it is that, despite the arrival of the ’13’ they are still highly valued and now on top with price reductions that undoubtedly make them a candy at the door of a school.

Amazon offers the iPhone 12 with discounts

Apple already lowered the price of these devices in its official stores when the new ones were presented. However on Amazon they are being offered with even lower prices and with full guarantees how are you:

  • Originality: As they are sold by Apple itself and not a third party, there is no risk that they are fake. They are completely original and new, with their original packaging as if they were bought in an Apple Store.
  • Delivery time: It will depend on the area of ​​Spain where you reside and whether or not you are an Amazon Prime customer. Also the level of stock, but having availability at this time you could receive it tomorrow or in 48 hours at the most.
  • Return and Refund: As a general rule, there is a minimum of 30 days to return the product if you are not satisfied. You will have to choose a reason, but there are usually no sticks as long as you deliver it with the original packaging and with the device in perfect condition (the plastics that wrap the box are not necessary).
  • Way to pay: Amazon is probably the most popular online store in the world and as such adds secure payment methods by card or bank transfer.
  • Warranty: You will have a coverage of 2 years, the first being managed by Apple and the second by Amazon. In this way, any possible technical or similar problem will be resolved.

It should be noted that discounts vary at times, so you may not find good discounts now and tomorrow or vice versa. At the time of publishing this news there are versions with up to 80 euros of discounts. In other cases they are 30. It is not that they are exorbitant discounts, but they do suppose an interesting saving.

How are these iPhones still TOP?

The main, but not all, characteristics for which we continue to believe in these iPhone as more than suitable are these:

  • Screen: excellent quality in OLED panels of 5.4 and 6.1 inches (12 mini and 12) with a level of brightness more than enough for practically any circumstance.
  • Performance: They are still very fast mobiles for everything and with an enviable level of photo or video processing thanks to its A14 Bionic chip.
  • Cameras: both photographic and video are phones that give great results. They are not the best on the market, of course, but they are not too far off either.

iphone 12 water resistance

  • Battery: Although it is true that the ‘mini’ is a bit more in a hurry, in the end with normal use they hold up well for a day. The ’12’ even has more autonomy than the ’12 Pro ‘.
  • Personalization: Being able to choose between 6 different colors makes your iPhone can be much more personal and lively than for example the ‘Pro’ models, with elegant colors, but that look much cooler.
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