The iPhone 13 (12s) uncovered: this is how they will look aesthetically

The aesthetics of the new iPhone comes to light

In general, in this redesign of the devices that is reflected in these models, it can be seen how the notch is smaller and there is also a change in the configuration of the cameras. In the case of the standard size iPhone 12s in the images you can appreciate how the diagonal arrangement would be which would also be present in the ‘Mini’ model.

But there is a negative point in the design, and it is that the module that houses all the sensors it would be thicker. The fact that all cameras are more protruding makes them the first to be hit in the event of a fall. Also I know will present a greater ‘limp’ when the iPhone is on a table without any kind of cover. And the latter is something important, since if all this is fulfilled it is possible that the size of the module changes and the same covers as in the previous generation cannot be used.

And if we focus on him notch, you can see how Apple continues to make progress reduce its size. We must take into account the implication of reducing the size of the sensors and cameras that this eyebrow has. It will allow a higher screen view ratio but it may not be enough for most users who expect the total elimination of this element, something that does not seem to be on the near horizon a priori.

notch iphone 13

The cameras will gain prominence

The aesthetic changes in the camera have a clear meaning and it is not by making random changes. Apple would bet this year to make important advances in the field of photography. Specifically, the Pro model would have a camera Enhanced Ultra Wide with a wider aperture and autofocus. Although, it seems that this camera could be present in all the models of the future iPhone that will be presented in the fall.

What does seem clear is that the stabilization system will be in all iPhone 13 or 12s models. This will make the photographic quality improve significantly especially in those lighting conditions that are completely favorable. Even Apple could bet on integrating an astrophotography camera that will allow taking pictures of the sky and its elements. This includes the moon, stars, or other artifacts. This will make it more directly able to compete with competing cameras when it comes to performance.

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