The iPhone 13 screen is once again talking about its news

We are getting closer and closer to Apple presenting its new iPhone, which will be one more year the star product of its line of business. And at this point we can find many incipient rumors that reveal what, except for a capital surprise, these new phones from the Californian brand will be. In the last hours, some of the most striking aspects of its screens have been confirmed again, leaving a very good taste in the mouth of those who expect a lot from Apple in this section.

Screens with late news, but news after all

Apple tends a lot in recent times to incorporate new features that some of its competitors already incorporated some time ago. Either due to a change in strategy by not taking into account some characteristics or due to a delay in development, but the reality is that practically all the news that are expected for the screen of the iPhone 13 already have many Android. Some have even incorporated them for years.

It is the case of 120 Hz refresh rate, which will give a greater sense of fluidity when navigating the system and which will be ideal for video games. This is a novelty that we have even seen in the company’s tablets, since we have iPad with ProMotion screens since 2017. It is known that last year it was being considered for the iPhone 12 Pro, but for some reason this function was almost ruled out. at the last minute.

Something similar also happens with the function of Always On Display, which allows you to have certain information on the screen with the device locked and without causing excessive battery consumption. This is something that we have been seeing for a long time in mobile devices from Samsung or Huawei, to give two examples. However, it is also present in the Apple ecosystem thanks to its Apple Watch Series 5 and Series 6 that incorporate these functions thanks to its LTPO panels.

What’s new only for the iPhone 13 Pro?

Apple will re-launch this year two ranges of phones in the same generation, having the iPhone 13 mini and 13 on the one hand and the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max on the other. We understand that the Californian company will want to continue differentiating both ranges, so it cannot be ruled out that the screen is one of those differential factors, so the novelties discussed above will be safe in the ‘Pro’ models, but its implementation in the rest.

We will have to wait for September, foreseeable month of presentation, to clear up doubts. But for the moment it seems clear that these two characteristics will be the main changes on the screen of the new iPhone, also accompanied by a reduction of the ‘notch’ It has been maintaining the same size since the iPhone X launched in 2017. And yes, they are still rumors due to lack of confirmation from Apple, but there are several sources that have been ensuring these news for months and the last to reaffirm has been the prestigious analyst Mark Gurman, an expert in leaking good information from Apple devices before its presentation.

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