The iPhone 13 will charge faster, although not how you expected

First, you will have to buy the adapter separately

Something you should know regardless of what type of charge the iPhone supports, is that in the box you will only find the cable, which would go back to being from Lightning to USB-C. In case you did not know or did not remember, last year the Californian company decided to stop including wired headphones and charging adapter in its boxes citing environmental issues.

Headphones Charger iPhone 12

Regardless of whether this is justifiable or not, the reality is what it is and Apple has not included these accessories in any of its iPhones for almost a year now (not even in previous generation models). Therefore, you will have to have a compatible charging adapter at home or buy it separately. In this sense, you can count on some MFi chargers for iPhone that can act as the official.

Load up to 25w, little or enough?

Various sources have pointed out in recent weeks that the four iPhone models of 2021 (13, 13 mini, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max) will be compatible with adapters that support a charging power of up to 25w. This would improve the current 20 watts that the company has, although it is likely that it will still seem scarce if you look at Android competitors that, in some cases, reach more than 100 watts in each load.

It is true that there are risks of fast charging in an iPhone as in any other device, ultimately causing the battery to suffer greater degradation in less time than using lower charging standards. Precisely this factor is one with which it has been justified whenever Apple is behind the rest, but, if they are finally going to move forward and offer more and more speeds, why not make the improvement all at once? If they manage to make the user understand that this type of charge is only advisable for sporadic uses, they could achieve full consumer satisfaction.

iPhone charging battery

We do not know for practical purposes how exactly this change to 25w will affect and in how many minutes or hours less the device will be fully charged, since in the end it will also depend on the iPhone model that is charged. In any case, we will have to wait to see how the software also behaves in this regard, since it will also be in charge of managing autonomy and a good performance in this sense will depend on these “scarce” 25w being in the background.

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