The iPhone 13 would improve what we have all asked for a year ago

iPhone with reduced notch and recognizing masks

Four years will be completed next month since Apple introduced the first iPhone with notch (iPhone X). After this, generations have followed in which this element in which the speaker, camera and Face ID sensors is integrated has not changed in size or shape. However, it is expected that in the new devices of this 2021, despite continuing to be present, it will be reduced both in width and height.

This reduction of the eyebrow implies that Apple has had to manage to redistribute its sensors without causing systems like Face ID to lose effectiveness. And it seems that they have also gone to more, since according to the leaker Jon Prosser reported a few days ago, the company would have managed to improve the recognition system to be able to recognize faces with glasses and / or masks. A functionality that, needless to say, will be very gladly received by users.

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How would this new system work?

It is really difficult to explain at very technical levels the operation of a system that, officially, has not yet been presented. According to Prosser information, this new Face ID would not need to detect the entire face to recognize the person, but would only need a percentage of visible elements to be able to unlock.

We do not know if this will diminish the efficiency and security of the system, since it has been one of the reasons why Apple has not wanted to make Face ID recognize faces with masks. In any case, the source states that there are several Apple employees who are testing this hardware using all kinds of glasses and masks, also testing them in different environmental circumstances both indoors and outdoors.

This could also be the final reason why there will be no return of Touch ID, something very rumored for months and that it has finally been known in these weeks that it will not happen. Apparently the return of fingerprint recognition was given by the use of masks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but Apple wanted to continue to trust their facial recognition and the apparent good functioning of this new Face ID would finally cover that need.

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And yes, it is possible that you will be late and more when the use of masks seems to have an expiration date that is closer and closer. However, understanding Apple’s development and manufacturing process, it can be guessed that in 2020 they did not have enough time to develop an alternative recognition system. Until now, the only way to unlock an iPhone wearing a mask, unless it is one of those with Touch ID, is to have a paired Apple Watch and use it as a recognition element.

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