The iPhone 14 is coming, have you done your homework yet?

Calculations indicate that little more than a month separates us from the presentation of the new iPhone 14, a generational leap that aims to bring some interesting news, such as the replacement of the Mini model by the Max, the differences between the base and Pro models, because it could be the generation of the disappearance of the notch, etc. It does not aim to be a revolutionary generation, but it does seem that it will have enough new features to stand out.

Thus, surely there will already be many people waiting for the arrival of the new iPhone 14 on the market to make the leap to «Best iPhone Ever” of this year. And if the forecast given by Mark Gurman a few days ago is confirmed, the wait could be made shorter, since the analyst predicts that the presentation could take place on Tuesday, September 6, and the arrival at the market 10 days later, on Friday, September 16. If so, it is likely that during the next two-three weeks we will have more unofficial news about it.

Be that as it may, if you are one of the people who are waiting to make the leap to the iPhone 14, it is a good time to start planning some important aspects. We take a look at the most important ones.

Backup, yes or no?

Today, transferring content from one iPhone to another is one of the easiest processes you can imagine. You just have to start the configuration in the new one and, at the beginning, it will offer you the possibility to carry out this operation automatically. You will only have to place both phones (the old and the new one) together, so that they detect each other. The process is not particularly fast and will require your intervention at some points, but it is the most comfortable thing that I have ever tried in my life.

Now, does this mean that we can skip the step of making a backup, either in iCloud or on the PC? Maybe I’m a little negative, but I think not. Although the occasions in which I have carried out this procedure it has always worked well, and the data is always kept on the old phone, I think it is worth applying this extra layer of protection. Because we already know that in one of each enemy cases, everything can go wrong. And in that situation, we will deeply appreciate having had that backup.

This, of course, if you are going to keep the old phone for at least a while (even if it is only a few hours) after having already obtained the new one. Otherwise, if you are not going to have both phones at the same time, you will have no choice but to make the backup which you will later use to set up the new iPhone.

The iPhone 14 is coming, have you done your homework yet?

What will you do with the old iPhone?

It was by chance that just a week ago my mother changed her iPhone 6S Plus (which was previously mine) for an iPhone Xr, and today a person very dear to me got the scare of the year when she thought that her phone had been stolen. bag, in which, in addition to a wallet, keys and others, she carried her mobile. To everyone’s delight, the bag turned up shortly after, but between A and B I had already asked my mother for the “retired” iPhone 6S Plus (which still works fine) to offer it to that person as a temporary solution.

On the other hand, in the family we have the custom that mobile phones are inherited, and I know that this is something very common. However, in other cases, also quite common, the phones that we keep just in case end up stored for years in a drawer or in the storage room. In those cases we must not rule out the possibility of redeeming them in the process of buying the iPhone (if we buy it directly from Apple) or on the second hand marketeither in services of a general nature or in pages specialized in mobile phones and consumer electronics.

Of course, if this is your case, evaluate all the options. The most comfortable is Apple Trade In, Apple’s “buy-back” service for the old iPhone, which will deduct this amount from the final purchase price of the new iPhone, but it is no less true that if you move in the second-hand market, you can get better deals. To give you an idea, this is what Apple Trade In offers you today during the process of buying an iPhone 13:

The iPhone 14 is coming, have you done your homework yet?

Operator offers, are they worth it?

There was a time when, in exchange for signing long-term contracts, operators offered phones at a substantially discounted price regarding your purchase on the free market. It was not necessary to be a lynx to deduce that they were already charged with the benefits of the contract, but if it was adjusted to what you needed at that time, the truth is that it was not a bad option. In my case, this was the way I bought my iPhone 3GS, my iPhone 4 and my iPhone 6S Plus, although in the latter case it was not so much because of the price, only slightly less than buying it directly from Apple, as for a financing plan that, at that time, fit like a glove to my needs.

Today, with few exceptions, the discounts are negligibleyou can still save 50 euros but in return, In some cases, they do not require permanence or the contracting of the most expensive price plans., in addition to offering financing services if that is what you are looking for. Thus, it is worth checking if your operator (or the one you are thinking of switching to) has any interesting offers. Of course, remember to review the terms well and what you agree to if you sign the purchase with any of them. And keep in mind that their prices are sometimes not competitive at all.

An example? The iPhone 13 128 gigabytes costs 909 euros on the Apple website. Ok so on a quick search Vodafone offers it for 847.33 euros with contract but without permanence, Movistar offers the same for 869 euroswhich is not bad either, and Orangewhich at this time does not have stock, offers it financed and with fee and stay for 742.50 eurosbut if we want to avoid permanence we will have to pay €915, six euros more than if we bought it directly from Apple. Curious, right? Of course, in this case, if you choose to buy it from the operator, I insist, carefully check the terms and the fine print, otherwise you may find yourself with an unpleasant surprise.

The iPhone 14 is coming, have you done your homework yet? The iPhone 14 is coming, have you done your homework yet? The iPhone 14 is coming, have you done your homework yet?

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