The iPhone 14 Pro Max 150 euros cheaper than Apple

One of the most desired products in the entire technology industry is, without a doubt, the iPhone, and among all the current models, the one with the most top-of-the-range specifications is the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Well, all those who are interested in this equipment, MediaMarkt has it 150 euros cheaper than in the Apple Store. In this post we tell you everything.

Discount on the iPhone 14 Pro Max

The vast majority of people who want to have a good smartphone always have the iPhone as one of the best options, however, the biggest problem that separates them from this device is the price it has, since many people are not willing to pay the thousands of euros that new models usually cost.

iPhone 14 Pro Max

One of these is the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which is the model with the most and highest specifications of all those sold by the company at the moment, in fact it is the best iPhone created by Apple so far. That means that its price is really high, starting at 1,469 euros in the Apple Store. However, and fortunately for all those who wanted to buy it, you can now save 150 euros on the 128 GB model, since MediaMarkt has the iPhone 14 Pro Max at a price of 1,319 euros. You can access it at the link below.

iPhone Accessories

The iPhone by itself already has tremendous potential, now, as with other devices, the market has taken it upon itself to give users the possibility of surrounding it with accessories that, of course, further improve the user experience than offers this device. Therefore, here are some of the most interesting ones.

  • Spigen Glass. A screen protector is always a very good idea, since in the end it is the element that will prevent the way you interact with your device from breaking. Spigen in this sense always works really well, in addition, in this pack it also incorporates a structure so that you can be the one who puts the protector on your iPhone without problems.
  • Anker 623 wireless charger. Another of the accessories that we like the most for the iPhone, this or any other, is the MagSafe charging base that Anker has. Its design is completely original and, in addition, it not only allows you to charge your iPhone, but also AirPods, since it has two different surfaces.
  • Spigen Ultra Hybrid Magnetic Case. We are talking about the Spigen brand again, but this time to talk about a simple cover that will serve you for everything. Its appearance is really similar to Apple’s transparent one, since it also has the MagSafe magnet in white. In addition, despite being transparent, it offers enough security and robustness so that if the iPhone falls, nothing happens to it.
  • Apple Leather Wallet with MagSafe. We end with the Apple wallet, the famous leather wallet that is increasingly capable of convincing more and more users. Its grip on the back of the iPhone is perfect and allows you to comfortably carry different cards. In addition, and here is the most important thing, if you lose it, you will be able to know the location of the place where the iPhone was detached, so it will be much easier to recover it.

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