The iPhone 14 Pro reveals its new design, Lidl cuts the prices of connected objects and Melania Trump buys her own NFTs, the recap

The iPhone 14 Pro has appeared in a new 3D render created by a designer. At the same time, Lidl has relaunched a range of connected objects at bargain prices, including sockets and light bulbs. Finally, it was discovered that Melania Trump, the wife of former President Donald Trump, purchased her own collection of NFTs. We take stock of what happened yesterday.

Too busy discovering what’s new in the Netflix catalog, including the excellent season 2 of How to Raise a Super Hero, you haven’t found the time to follow the current news with us. Do not panic dear readers, we tell you everything you missed in our daily recap. Follow the leader !

The iPhone 14 Pro and its double hole are revealed in pictures

Based on the leaks that have appeared in recent days, a talented designer has developed renderings showing the design of iPhone 14 Pro, the next top of the range from Apple. These images offer a new insight into the stunning design of the smartphone and its double hole in the screen. As expected, Apple would not have managed to integrate all the sensors (Face ID and selfie sensor) in a single punch.

Discover the design of the double hole in the screen of the iPhone 14 Pro

Lidl is relaunching its range of connected objects this February 24, 2022

Lidl, the flagship low-cost brand, has just relaunched its range of products dedicated to home automation. After the success recorded by its connected objects launched last year, the German brand announces the return of a series of low-cost products for February 24, 2022. Lidl will notably offer a connected bulb at only 7.99 euros. The icing on the cake, all of the brand’s home automation products are compatible with the Zigbee 3.0 protocol, which allows support for Smart Life, Philipps Hue, Jeedom or Amazon Echo.

Find out all about Lidl’s new range of connected objects

Melania Trump is accused of buying her own NFTs for 237,000 euros

Wishing to surf the fashion of NFT, Melania Trump has launched a collection of digital works on the Solana blockchain. Faced with the lack of success of non-fungible tokens, the former first lady of the United States would have bet on the technique of wash trading to drive up the prices of his collection. This trick consists of buying your own works, without revealing your identity, in order to suggest that the rating of NFTs is on the rise. Experts have found evidence of Melania Trump’s blockchain manipulation.

All about how Melania Trump inflated the price of her NFTs

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