The iPhone 14 shows its design, the Xbox Series S gains power, this is the recap

The next iPhone continues to leak everywhere, the Microsoft console is experiencing a resurgence of power and the Samsung connected watch shows the end of its dial, that’s the recap!

The first week of August was true to itself, that is to say calm. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t tracked down the news for you! It’s time for the recap of the day on Friday August 5, 2022. On the menu, a smartphone that leaks again and again, a Samsung connected watch and a console that is entitled to a welcome little boost.

iPhone 14 Pro leaks again and again

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro are expected to be unveiled sometime in September, and factories are already hard at work getting the products out on time. A famous leaker released a photo of the front of the Pro model. We see that the notch has disappeared, replaced by a punch as well as by a “pill” dedicated to Face ID. It’s not what you might call a scoop, given that this info has been leaked for a few weeks already, but it can be said that it tends to confirm previous leaks.

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Xbox Series S is getting more powerful for developers

The Xbox Series S lacks the power of its big sister, the Series X. It is indeed stuck at 1440p maximum and falls short in terms of performance. A data that worries the developers enormously. Microsoft heard their request and provided them with a new development kit. While the console remains the same, devs can now tap into a little more memory to have more power under their feet. What to allow to display better graphics, but also to facilitate the work of the creators.

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The Galaxy Watch 5 no longer hold any secrets

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro will be presented on August 10 at an Unpacked event. We don’t even use the conditional anymore: there have been so many leaks that we already know everything! The latest has not done halfway. Visual, technical sheet, size, price, connectivity, the WinFuture site has thrown everything on the Internet. In short, we should not expect any surprises regarding connected watches during the conference.

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