The iPhone 15 Pro could have Face ID under the screen

There is still about a year and a half left for the arrival of the iPhone 15, but still we have been listening to advances for a few months now (by way of leaks and rumors, obviously) about what will come from the hand of that generation of Apple’s smartphone. And, although they must be taken with even more skepticism than those related to the iPhone 14, which are a year closer to arriving, it is interesting to know in what direction the future advances of those from Cupertino could be directed.

We have known for a long time that a priority for Apple is to end, at least on the iPhone, with the notchthe most characteristic notch that presides over the upper central part of the screen of your smartphone, and that since the iPhone X has been the location of the speaker for phone calls and the camera and the various components of Face ID, the identification system biometric that has replaced Face ID in part of its devices.

The problem is that Apple likes Face ID, but does not like the notch, and today’s technology does not allow all Face ID elements to be located under the screen. But this may change on the iPhone 15.

As we have already told you before, many rumors indicate that in the Pro versions of the iPhone 14, the notch will be replaced by two asymmetric perforations at the top of the screena solution that personally seems less aesthetic than the notch, but if it is successful in this year’s Pro versions, it could make the leap to the standard versions of the 15, that is, the iPhone 15 and the hypothetical iPhone 15 Max ( counting on the fact that this year, finally, the iPhone 14 Max will be presented).

However, and as we can read in Mydrivers (in Chinese), the technology expected by Apple could already be close, and curiously it would come from the hand of Samsung, more specifically its screen division. Thus, if it is confirmed that the Korean technology has finally been able to design a screen that allows the accommodation of the necessary elements for Face ID under it, Apple would be a guaranteed client for it, and would use it in the Pro and Pro Max variants. of the iPhone 15.

It seems that yes, that the debut of such technology on the market would not occur with the iPhone 15. According to the same sources, the first smartphones to integrate the new camera technology under the screen (only this technology, not Face ID of course, which we remember is an exclusive Apple technology) would be a future Galaxy Z Fold that would be presented at some point. next year, yes, before September, when Apple’s keynote will take place with the generational change of the iPhone.

Be that as it may, and if it is confirmed that Apple wants to highlight the differences between the standard models and the Pro models of the iPhone, we can expect that in 14 the pros will abandon the notch, which would remain in the standard versions. And that with the arrival of the iPhone 15, the standard models make the leap to screen perforations, while the Pro adopt this new technology and go on to integrate all the Face ID components under the screen.

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