The iPhone 15 Pro will have no buttons: how do you turn it on when it’s off?

The rumors around future iphone They keep appearing, and now we have new details that will serve to imagine a little more the aesthetic aspect of the device. And it is that according to what they say, the future launch of Apple will dispense with physical buttonsso we will not have the classic power, volume buttons and neither the vibration mode activation switch.

Touch sensitive buttons


The information comes from the hands of a user of the forums of MacRumors that previously he has been hitting several of his predictions. Apparently, the settings panel will include a new menu in which to adjust the sensitivity of some capacitive buttonsand taking into account that to this day no iPhone has these types of buttons, it is clear that it will be the next model that will carry it.

Everything would revolve around a new processor that would come to replace the current low consumption mode that depends on the main processor. And it is that this new processor, would be in charge of controlling the pressure exerted on the new capacitive buttons with functions of volume, action (currently the vibration switch) and the switched on.

They work even without battery

The interesting thing about all this is that the power management of the processor is so efficient that also works when the phone is off or without batterysomething simply necessary if we take into account that we could not turn on the phone with the capacitive button if it does not respond when it has no battery or is turned off.

These buttons would respond in the same way MacBook trackpads do thanks to Taptic Engine technology, which emits a small vibration to resemble a button click.

All the energy management of functions such as geolocation (Find my iPhone), payment with Apple Pay or Bluetooth functions will be managed by the new processor, which could be translated as an energy improvement compared to current models. We’ll see if the new iPhone 15 Pro improves battery records thanks to this novelty.

According to the published information, these would be the functions available depending on the state of the phone:

iPhone On

  • Capacitive, power and action buttons work.

iPhone Off

  • Capacitive, power and action buttons work.
  • Control NFC, Bluetooth LE, ultra wide band chips, etc.
  • There may be a Taptic Engine response.

iPhone turned off without battery

  • Capacitive, power and action buttons work.
  • You can pay with Apple Pay
  • Control NFC, Bluetooth LE, ultra wide band chips, etc.

Only for Pros

iPhone 13 Pro and Max

Unfortunately this conspicuous function It will only be available for the iPhone 15 Pro rangeso the normal models will not have that power management or the incorporation of the new capacitive buttons.

In this way, the iPhone Pro will once again have a remarkable aesthetic difference that goes beyond the design of the cameras or the color of the phone itself. Now all you have to do is keep an eye on the buttons to get out of doubt quickly.

Fountain: MacRumors

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