The iPhone 15 screen (yes, 15) is already causing trouble for Apple

Although the launch of new iPhones is not expected until September next year, excluding a hypothetical ‘SE’, the iPhone 14 are already in their final phase of development. However, these are not the ones that are in the news now, but those of 2023. And the decision of who or who will supply its parts could be a headache for Apple. The screen is one of the key elements and according to the recently known information, there could be trouble in sight in the coming months.

LG and BOE dispute the panels of the iPhone 15

The iPhone 15, if the devices of 2023 are finally called that way, will all mount a OLED panel as has been customary since 2017 with the iPhone X and since 2020 integrating this technology in all models, leaving behind the LCD. And who supplies these panels? Well, in recent years BOE, LG Display and Samsung Display are the main providers.

However, by 2023 a conflict between LG and BOE. And it is that, according to reports close to the manufacturers, from BOE they are reconditioning up to three factories to train them in the manufacture of panels of this type, something that in case of arriving on time would leave LG in the background. We recall that so far these only manufacture 10% of the screens which, in this case, correspond to the iPhone 12 and 13.

If they finally manage to successfully restructure their factories on time, they could end up taking a larger percentage of manufacturing, thereby increasing profits and thus eclipsing an LG that, precisely in order to stop manufacturing mobile phones, has decided to focus especially on its display section in order to supply a large part of the brands.

One of BOE’s factories in China

Advances also in Apple’s 5G modem

One of the reasons Apple didn’t introduce 5G to their iPhones until 2020 was that they preferred to make their own chips, as well as being in legal disputes with Qualcomm. After reaching an amicable agreement with these manufacturers, the Cupertino company began to integrate its modems endlessly into its own development. According to reports also from media close to the supply chain, these could be ready precisely in 2023 for the hypothetical iPhone 15.

According to those reports, those would also be the iPhone that would leave the notch behind and not those of 2022. Therefore, it is understood that part of the Face ID sensors would be integrated under the screen, thus adding a new difficulty that will have to be assumed The manufacturer, so BOE, LG and anyone willing to be the one who supplies the screens, must have this matter resolved to finally be the one who takes the main manufacturing quota of which, surely, will be Apple’s star devices within 2 years.

The fact that there are two years to go still buys everyone time. Although in the end it will be Apple who has the last word. In principle, as far as the end user is concerned, this should be an issue that should not first care if good quality is guaranteed. In any case, since the data is ultimately relevant, we will remain attentive to any new information that may arise in this regard.

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