The iPhone battery in iOS 14 is still a problem, do you have a solution?

Bad battery experience even on iPhone 12

Go ahead, this is not being a problem that affects one hundred percent of users, although it does affect a majority. With iPhone that have a certain age, it is understandable that the autonomy is not the same as at the beginning, even more if the health of the battery has decreased. However, problems are being found even in the most recent models like the iPhone 12.

See my own personal experience always using official accessories and having always followed the charging recommendations on an iPhone 12 purchased 10 months ago. Beyond the fact that the health of the battery has suffered up to 88% (I insist, without misusing it), the autonomy drops considerably even with the iPhone locked without using it. On a day when you use it to answer an email, make the odd call and check social networks, it hardly comes to the end of the day. Now, as you listen to music or the calls are prolonged, you can consume 20% in an hour without messing up and even more.

But not only is it my own experience, but as a member of La Manzana Mordida I receive daily help emails or read comments from other afflicted users with the same problem. And I insist, equally affecting users with old iPhone such as 6s even those who carry a brand new 12 Pro Max. And it is striking that despite the numerous updates of iOS 14, the problem continues not to be solved or if it does, it is very partial.

What solutions can be effective?

Beyond continuing to take care of the iPhone battery so that it does not physically suffer, there are some ways to save battery that, despite not being perhaps the most desirable, can save us from a hurry while waiting for a software that finally regulates better consumption. Some of the most prominent are these:

  • Reduce screen brightness manually
  • Use dark mode if you have an iPhone with an OLED panel
  • Try not to use apps that consume a lot (video games for example)
  • Prevent automatic downloads in the background
  • Turn off localization
  • Prioritize connection to WiFi networks
  • Lock iPhone manually

It can also be viable restore iPhone without charging backup in extreme cases where the device consumes too much. Even in cases where it is exaggerated, it is advisable to go to Apple to verify if the failure may be due to a factory defect and in which case it would be covered by the warranty.

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