The iPhone is more reliable than Android smartphones, this French study proves it

A survey published by the Fnac Darty group provides some important information on the durability and reliability of our various smartphones.


Every year for 4 years now, the Fnac Darty group has published a survey on the reliability and durability of the various products that its brands offer for sale. Entitled “After-sales service barometer”, this survey provides an idea of the brands that are the most reliable and durable on the market. In concrete terms, the Fnac Darty group analyzes three important criteria to achieve its ranking of the most durable and reliable brands, by establishing a score on each of them. With notably :

  • Smartphone repairability. The score is calculated here from the repair rate to which must be added the availability time of the spare parts.
  • The reliability of smartphones. The score here is obtained by dividing the number of smartphones repaired or exchanged at the after-sales service by the number of smartphones that are under the 2-year legal guarantee of conformity.
  • The duration of availability of the different spare parts of smartphones. Its score is calculated by taking the average of the previous scores.

By meticulously analyzing these three criteria, the group can then define a final durability and reliability score out of 200 for each smartphone brand. In this survey, the Fnac Darty group also questioned more than 40,000 of its customers to understand precisely why they had to have their product repaired or exchanged.

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A survey by the Fnac Darty group shows which are the most reliable and longest-lasting smartphones on the market

With this survey, we therefore find a nice ranking of the most durable and reliable smartphone brands on the market. For the most sustainable brands, first place here goes to Applewhich monopolizes the top of the ranking, in particular thanks to its spare parts which are available for almost 5 years for the iPhone 13 for example.

Smartphone barometer Fnac Darty reliability-1
Credits: Fnac Darty

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The South Korean Giant Samsung comes second in this ranking, with in particular spare parts which are available for 7 years. Finally, in the ranking of the most reliable brands, we find at the top Honor and Huawei.

Source : Fnac-Darty

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