the iPhone that I always recommend, at an irresistible price

The iPhone 13 has experienced a second spring after the launch of the iPhone 14 and that has maintained the price in the App Store, breaking Apple’s strategy that it had in recent years. However, its similarities with the iPhone 14 and the price of this latest generation have made the iPhone the best device you can buy in 2023 and more, if you join one Heart attack deal on Amazon.

Amazon messes with the price of the iPhone 13

As we all know, the Californian company is a company that does not discount its products, neither during the calendar year nor during promotions that all companies and platforms take advantage of to launch discounts such as Black Friday, CyberMonday, etc. However, Apple has a completely different strategy, since it considers that its products offer added value that is maintained throughout the year and that they do not have to reduce their price.


Luckily, Apple devices are selling more and more in other platforms such as Amazon, El Corte Inglés or PC Componentes, whose consequence is that we can buy different products from the apple company at a much lower price because these companies usually make discounts. Thanks to this, and if you had in mind buying the thirteenth generation of the iPhone, you are in luck because Amazon has dropped the price of this product.


  • Apple iPhone 13 (128 GB) – color (Product) Red: 813 euro. 10% discount
  • Apple iPhone 13 (128 GB) – green color: 819 euro. 10% discount
  • Apple iPhone 13 (128 GB) – blue color: 819 euro. 10% discount
  • Apple iPhone 13 (128 GB) – Star White: 744.99 euros, 18% discount
  • Apple iPhone 13 (128 GB) – midnight color: 819 euro. 10% discount
  • Apple iPhone 13 (128 GB) – pink color: 859 euros, 6% discount

Is it a good idea to buy the iPhone 13?

Without a doubt, the price of this device is already very interesting, but if we add the discount that takes place on Amazon, it reaches heights never seen before. And it is that, this device, we are facing one of the devices with the best balance of the apple company and with a great quality ratio, a device that can satisfy the vast majority of users without problem, since it is a device which is designed for all users who want to have an iPhone, but do not need the latest features.


Continuing with the thread in question, the iPhone 13 has become more relevant since the release of the iPhone 14, a device that is above 1,000 euros, while the iPhone 13 is around 800 euros. A huge difference.


It is true that many users prefer to get the latest generation device because it seems that it is going to include the latest news. However, the 13th generation shares more similarities than differences. Specifically, the device features the same screen size, 6.1 inches, which makes it really comfortable to hold in one hand and the new standard in the phone industry. In addition, both devices have the same chip, the A15 Bonic, Therefore, the difference in terms of benefits for performance and autonomy management. Finally, we have to highlight the cameras, and that, except for small exceptions, such as the cinema mode, the rest of the elements are similar. Do not think twice and buy the iPhone 13

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