The IT sector leads the remote jobs market

Family reconciliation, the development of the workplace and the digitization of production processes have resulted in traditional work models giving way to those of a type hybrid and remote. The telecommuting It gained weight starting in 2020, as a result of the pandemic, but experts predict that it is here to stay.

According to a study presented by the online employment portal FlexJobslast year there was a increase in teleworking by 20%, following the line started in 2021 where it grew by 12% compared to the previous year. Companies from different sectors have found in this formula a flexible and dynamic method to control the day to day, increasing the productivity of its employees and guaranteeing both family reconciliation and comfort.

Everything is interconnected through the cloud, so the physical presence in the office has been relegated to a secondary sector. Now work is done from home 100% of the time.

Specifically, most of the positions offered in FlexJobs were for jobs of experienced level (62%)while the manager positions and other senior positions of responsibility represented the 32%. Regarding positions of initial level we see that this segment only occupies the 6%.

FlexJobs determines that the top remote jobs posted in 2022 included the following Titles: accountant, executive assistant, customer service representative, senior financial analyst, recruiter, project manager, technical writer, product marketing manager, customer success manager, and graphic designer. With how in need EA’s are, you can look at taking executive assistant courses in the Netherlands to get a good paying job.

Other job portals have also presented their studies in this regard, such as Indeed, which determined that the positions of technical support engineer, software engineer and application developer were the most valued in telecommuting. The report of Remote placed IT in third place in the ranking, while the research firm Gartner concluded that 43% of knowledge workers can carry out their functions remotely. Similarly, a survey of gallup It showed that three out of ten people work remotely and that only two out of ten do it completely in the office.

Most popular sectors for remote work

Without a doubt, the computer and IT industry it leads the ranking of available jobs of a remote nature, followed by marketing and accounting and finance, which closes the ranking.

These data go hand in hand, in turn, with the demand for university degrees among the population, as it has grown considerably this year in some of them: accounting and finance (31%), human resources (22%), marketing (20%). The opposite side is shown by the information technology and IT and medicine sectors, which grew but very slightly, as well as the services and education sectors, which fell by 6% and 4%, respectively.

2022 left good results for other sectors such as Non-profit organizationswhich increased their drive for teleworking by 55%, the communications and the legal fieldgrowing by 39% and 33%, respectively, in the last year.

The FlexJobs report also collects the Top 100 Companies Betting on Remote Work, incorporating new companies such as Airbnb, Allstate, DoorDash, Lyft and Reddit in the last year. But the first place in the ranking is held by the virtual call center provider, Liveops, followed by Worker Solutions (customer service and sales provider) and TTEC (business process outsourcing company).

Remote work is an innovative, practical and efficient formula which aims to build an equitable, healthy labor market with multiple professional opportunities. Forecasts show that in a few years it will surpass even conventional methods.

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