The Jabra Elite 7 Pro put the rest of the headphones in the same segment in trouble

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to test the new Jabra Elite 3 headphones, headphones that can really be competitors of many models of low-cost headphones and also stand out in some aspects. Jabra is one of those firms dedicated to the maximum in improving the products they have in their catalog and the new Jabra 3 show off this work.

Today after a few weeks of testing with the Jabra Elite 7 Pro we have to say that they are at another level, in fact we can say that it is the headphones that would put the rest of similar headphones in trouble in terms of performance. The quality of the Elite 7 Pro is totally comparable to that of Apple’s AirPods Pro in design, specifications and I even dare to say that in some respects they are a step above.

Obviously, Apple’s AirPods Pro have been on the market for a longer time and it is also normal that the rest manage to gain in performance or even design. And is that the comfort of use offered by these Elite 7 Pro is truly spectacular, we can spend hours with them on thanks to the oval-shaped silicone pads that they add. These make the adaptation to any type of ear perfect, otherwise they offer different measures of these silicone rubbers so we will not have problems of any kind.

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René Svendsen-Tune, CEO of Jabra explained in the presentation:

We are more connected than ever. On the other hand, the world has never been louder, requiring innovative technology to ensure that people can be assured of great calls and music experiences. At Jabra, we leveraged our years of experience to push the boundaries of technology, with the launch of our Elite 7 Pro, Elite 7 Active and Elite 3 headsets as a result. The introduction of these new products means great advances in the market and we are excited to be at the forefront.

The Elite range grows in all aspects with these new Elite 7 Pro

Jabra Elite 7 box

When we access the Jabra website in the Elite section we come across a fairly extensive series of true wireless models. These Elite 7 Pro were officially launched last September and with it came Jabra MultiSensor VoiceTM technology, which allows for longer battery life reaching up to nine hours of uninterrupted playback with adjustable ANC function and also offering the best support for an active lifestyle thanks to Jabra ShakeGripTM technology.

In this sense, all the Jabra headphones that we have been able to test in Soy de Mac offer a really good in-ear support, a quality of materials superior to many firms and above all a sound that will not leave anyone indifferent.

The Jabra Elite 7 the most suitable for sports

Jabra Elite 7 box content

These Jabra Elite 7 are undoubtedly one of the options to consider for those who play sports. Have a choice of headphones for an active lifestyle as these Elite 7 is what many need and is that not all headphones for physical activity or for a busy lifestyle.

In this sense, Jabra headphones offer solutions for everything and these are 16% smaller than the popular Jabra Elite 75tJabra’s most compact earbuds yet which is certainly appreciated by offering better in-ear support.

Resistance to rain water, sweat and dust make them the perfect headphones for those of us who do sports indoors or outdoors. Without a doubt they are the indicated ones for it. We can say in this case that the quality of the product in terms of resistance is high, and I can personally say that the box withstands accidental falls well … Something that happened to me in a running session.

The best price for the Jabra Elite 7 Pro

More than enough autonomy and fast charging

Jabra Elite 7

The good thing about these headphones is that they will last the day more than enough. With just over 5 minutes of fast charging we will get more than an hour of playback and is that according to the manufacturer the total autonomy of these headphones is about 35 hours including charging with its carrying case.

These values ​​may vary depending on the number of calls we receive or the volume we use to play our favorite music. In all cases, the autonomy of the Elite 7 is undoubtedly very good and we will not have battery life problems in any case.

Sound customization and HearThrough mode

Jabra Elite 7 headphones

The totally free Jabra app allows for easy audio customization. This application that is available for free for both iOS and Android devices is called Sound + and offers us several configuration options depending on our tastes. The sound power of these headphones is sufficient for all types of music, it does not reach too extreme limits but it is certainly enough.

Sound can be further customized creating a custom audio profile with Jabra MySound technology and on the other hand we have the HearThrough function. This is one of those functions that we love since it allows us to define exactly how much outside noise you want to let in while listening to music. It would be the opposite of noise cancellation, to be able to listen to outside sound or have a conversation without removing the headphones is great.

The Elite 7 Pro introduce the innovative Jabra MultiSensor VoiceTM technology offering the highest quality calls, even in the noisiest places. A state-of-the-art voice pick-up (VPU) sensor in both earbuds makes Jabra’s MultiSensor VoiceTM technology so effective. It combines a bone conduction sensor, four microphones and advanced algorithms to guarantee the best call quality.

Editor’s opinion

Jabra Elite 7 colors

There are several Jabra products that we have tried these months and the truth is that I would not know which of them to choose. In short, they all offer several interesting alternatives and although it is true each model offers its main specifications or functions, all They are of excellent quality of materials and sound.

The important thing in this sense is to be clear about what we are going to use the headphones for and how much we are willing to spend on them. In this sense, Jabra offers a really extensive product catalog adapted to each need, so any of them will be a good choice.

Jabra Elite 7
  • Editor’s rating
  • 5 star rating



  • Sound quality and adjustment options with the app
  • Comfortable materials and design
  • Available in three colors
  • Value for money


  • They do not add wall charger

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