The journey towards Artificial Intelligence

Throughout the history of Humanity, there have been moments that have marked a before and after, which have led to the appearance of something new that has made it possible for that same Humanity to advance in geometric proportion to the next leap. What would be of us today if, at the time, inventions such as the wheel, the printing press or… the internet had not made their appearance?

Today we are all used to living in technological environments, dominated by mobility and whose origin can be found, precisely, in the appearance of the Internet, which has led to the emergence, in turn, of multiple technological advances that are causing a real revolution. economically and socially. Among them, the cloud, a reality that has not been with us for twenty years but that It is assuming a before and after in the business world and, also, in the daily lives of millions of people around the world.

But the cloud is not alone; It has been accompanied by a series of technologies that will also leave their mark. Like Artificial Intelligence, which in recent years has gone from the screens of cinemas or the pages of science fiction books to be present, more and more, in our day to day. In fact, it is more than likely that within a while AI will be at the same level as the internet or the printing press when it comes to measuring the leaps of Humanity. Because it’s changing everything, and it’s going to change it even more.

We cannot and should not forget that we live surrounded by data, but this data, in most cases, is disordered, misplaced. For this reason, it is so important that companies have solutions that allow them to analyze this data in order to get the most out of it. A company always has its raison d’etre in its customers. It does not matter if it is a public or private, large, medium or small company; the center, always, is the customer. Therefore, the data or, rather, the data of each and every one of the past, present and future clients, are key to the success of any organization.

Personalize the experience of each client

That is why it is so important for an organization to have Artificial Intelligence tools at its disposal that allow Marketing or Sales managers to convert data silos into actionable customer profiles in real time. Because thanks to this they will be able, on the one hand, to build and discover new audiences and, on the other, apply that built-in machine learning that AI allows to personalize the experiences of each and every customer, taking into account the sector to which they belong. .

Because it is a reality that in today’s business world, each market has its own language, its own process, so customer data must be treated taking that specific sector into account. It is the perfect squaring of the circle: on the one hand, provide the customer with a personalized experience and, on the other, that is something specific to the sector to which that organization belongs. A win-win company-client.

Best of all, we are not talking about science fiction, but about a reality that we have at our fingertips, which is available to companies so that, through Artificial Intelligence combined with the cloud, they process data and offer a complete and adequate information that allows those Marketing and Sales directors to predict future behavior or recommend new actions to be carried out.

Real cases

But let’s see real cases. Thanks to AI, a company’s sales and transaction patterns can be analyzed and, based on that information, recommend possible actions and offers with greater guarantees of success. Or knowing the history of a customer in a specific period of time that allows you to create a campaign for a new launch that is specifically aimed at people who meet certain requirements, such as having purchased similar products with a price range.

Based on patterns, such as profile and engagement patterns, AI can offer enormously valuable information to those responsible for making certain decisions, such as the possibility of a sale going through or not, which customers to send a special promotion to, and or adjust prices before the new launch of a product or service. And all this thanks to having the data of these clients and a tool with Artificial Intelligence that allows them to be analyzed and conclusions drawn. It is even possible to establish a classification of clients to find out their level of commitment to the company, as well as to define the best way of communication with a client, and even at what time it is best to tell them something. Customized and specific solutions for each sector.

All this is a reality, a reality that is available to those companies prepared to take a step forward when it comes to getting to know their customers in depth, to know what they are like, what they would like to receive from them, how they can help them and what they can do to improve your user experience. It is a two-way journey, client and company, with a driver in the form of a sales or marketing director that can be done on foot, by bicycle or in a new generation vehicle called Artificial Intelligence that circulates on that highway that is the cloud. In short, it is a company journey towards Artificial Intelligence.

Signed: Lola Serrano. Director of the Customer Experience business, Oracle Ibérica.

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