The keys of the COOLPC, the computers assembled by Coolmod

When we are going to buy a computer in any of the cases we have to assume that the hardware has to be adapted to our needs, so buying a PC with a closed configuration is not usually the best option, although it can be a good point starting point for those who have no idea about hardware and are not looking to complicate themselves when buying a new PC or simply to use it as a reference to configure one to their liking and need.

COOLPC, the PC of YouTubers, and yours?

cool pc computers

Several years coolmod In collaboration with different brands, it has been providing the most varied gaming computers to many of the best-known Spanish YouTubers in the world, from Rubypassing by auronplayWillyrex or Wismichu are -or were- owners of COOLPC computers. This has been able to attract many people to know the assemblies that they carry out in Coolmod and it is worth mentioning that they are good and clean assemblies, nothing to do with chain work where there are assembly workers more than computer assembly technicians.

After reviewing the COOLPC equipment that Coolmod has in its online store, the truth is that they perfectly supply -economically speaking- the needs that one may have, where we can have a COOLPC for just €500 as a starting point and then the limit is set by our pocket up to €2,000.

Are Coolmod CoolPC computers any good?

COOLPC Coolmod Components

To find out if a mounted computer it’s good apart from the montage we obviously have to see its componentsif these are chosen with coherence, if a particular component does not stand out -whether good or bad- and what models and brands are used for the entire assembly, from the tower to the memories. Fortunately, Coolmod COOLPCs offer a good explanation of each assembled part in almost all their equipment, both for the brand and for the model.

About the components used in COOLPC assembled computers, the graphics cards NVIDIA are the ones chosen by the store for 99% of their reviewed equipment, another of the most recurrent brands is ASUS, that covers most of the low and high-end equipment, but we will also find some GIGABYTE models. Regarding reports and sources, the norm is usually CORSAIR and the memory canteada already depends on each team; We have to take into account that depending on the price, the components vary adjusting, as is obvious.

One of the points that we may least like is the excessive use in many high and low ranges of the liquid cooling of Cougaras well as their sources. We understand the use of brands that can give more margin and that will undoubtedly fulfill their function, but in configurations such as the COOLPC Gamer X with a Ryzen 7 5800X Perhaps for the €1,500 that the equipment costs, a refrigeration with a more consolidated brand is expected.

In short, if we see the complete catalog of computers COOLPC by Coolmod, we can find a wide variety for many needs, we can only hope that your need fits those configurations and what those PCs can give. On the part of the assembly, we will have no doubt that we should receive a team assembled expressly and professionally, on the components in general we will have leading brands and models very much in line with the prices of the equipment.

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