The King’s Man: The Origins, here is the final Italian trailer

The final trailer in Italian from The King’s Man: The Origins, a film that will debut in local theaters on January 5th.

What awaits us in the new work of Matthew Vaughn, set a hundred years before the previous chapters? Let’s find out together.

The King’s Man: The Origins, here is the final Italian trailer

A few days after the theatrical debut of the third film in the series – a prequel this time – the latest Italian trailer for The King’s Man: Le Orgini has also arrived. You can see it below.

Spies, reworking of historical truth and AC-DC: what more can we ask for?

The King’s Man: The Origins tells the story that started the British secret agency known as The King’s Man, whose exploits we have admired (and laughed at) in previous chapters.

The cast sees in the main roles Ralph Fiennes, Gemma Arterton, Rhys Ifans, Harris Dickinson And Djimon Hounsou; while Tom Hollander is credited for lending the face to 3 characters of great historical importance: King George V, Kaiser Wilhelm and Tsar Nicholas II, cousins ​​to each other but at the head of three of the major powers at the outbreak of the First World War, a time in which the film is set.

The appointment with The King’s Man: The Origins is in cinemas starting next January 5th.

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