The language of The Sims is real (and even Kate Perry has a song)

Well yes, they do. It is nothing more and nothing less than simlishand it already appeared in the first generation from the video game The Sims back in the year 2000. What you heard while playing this social simulator was not unrelated babble, but a fictitious language. But… how did they create it from scratch? Today we will talk about simlishfrom his source and how some famous artists they have sung some of their songs in this language.

The Origin of Simlish

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Everything begins, as we have said, during the development of The Sims. runs the year nineteen ninety six and its creator Will Wright He has been inspired by the fire that destroyed his house to create a video game in which you have to start a home from scratch (which explains how recurring fires are when boiling macaroni in the Sim universe). The social simulator needs dialoguebut they conclude that, since they use lines in Englishwill become so repetitive that the players will pull their hair out – if not, ask the players files by Manolo Lama’s narration—. To this is added the budget astronomical cost of translating and dub all conversations into different languages.

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From there came up with the idea of ​​creating a language from scratch. They first tried elements of Navajo, Ukrainian, and Estonian, but settled on doing a totally invented language. Each person who hears it hears something different: French, Tagalog, Basque… What we do know is that it was created as gibberish. Robi Kauker and Kent Jollythe sound engineers of the first generation of The Simscontributed to set the basics of phonetics simlish when they recorded all the audio tracks for the video game’s television and rock station.

What artists have sung in Simlish?

The music in the sim universe It’s very important. Thanks to composer Jerry Martin, an entire generation grew up appreciating the jazz new age every time I entered Buy Mode/Build Mode. In addition, the developers took special care to hire voice actors so that each song would have a human singer.

The Sims 2 It premiered in 2004 and already promised. His previous generation had sold 16 million copies all over the world, and it was a safe bet for those singers who wanted to make themselves known in other countries. This is why, during that time, each new expansion of The Sims 2 had a huge advertising campaign that included Simlish versions of already famous songs.

This was the case of the song Sweet madness from Van Gogh’s Earwhich appeared in the expansion The Sims 2 Pets in 2006. This version has its own video clip in which all the members of the pop group appear in the Sim universe. We would have to ask Amaia Montero how was the recording in simlish of the song.

Although many English-speaking singers have sung their songs in Simlish (Katy Perry and Lily Allen among others), there are Spanish singer-songwriters They didn’t wait for EA to call them. This is the case of Andy and Lucaswho decided to record a video clip set in The Sims for your song My neighborhood in 2005. A wink to the video clip of Californication of the RHCP, wow, but with his Cádiz touch.

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